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Conversational Technologies

The history, current landscape, and applications of conversational technologies play a significant role in the rapidly changing business dynamics, especially in light of COVID-19. Our thought leaders explore how chat bots, text bots, natural language processing, and other technologies provide value to customers – even more so in our current contactless and remote environment. This episode takes a deep dive into how different industries are currently applying conversational technologies and simple ways in which companies new to this space can begin to consider rolling out this type of technology to best support their customers.

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Episode Highlights


At first, emerging technologies can be relatively static with no clear applications. We often hold on to them and wait for technologies to evolve and increase in relevancy so that when a related need arises, we have the technology readily available to implement as a solution. Chat bots are a great example of one of these technologies, especially as we find the need for more contactless, remote customer experiences. Companies are now using chat bots to create humanized customer experiences to engage and support their customers.


We must understand that customers often do not have confidence in utilizing conversational technologies. As such, it’s important that companies be very clear about what their technologies are capable of to build trust with customers. Once the expectation is set, organizations must then give their customers the choice about whether or not they want to use the technologies available. There are multiple dynamics that companies need to get right when it comes to using these technologies, and when assumptions are made or certain aspects of the customer experience are neglected, that's when the relationship between the company and their customers can begin to degrade.

Jason Snook

Jason Snook

Fellow, Customer Experience

For nearly 20 years, Jason has been helping companies design experiences that are easier, more effective, and more enjoyable for customers and employees. He is a Fellow within our CX practice, currently researching conversational technologies and applied AI.

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