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Elevating the Customer Experience and Brand Loyalty by Harnessing the Power of Data and Technology

Brands at the forefront of the retail industry are integrating innovation into their company culture, leveraging customer data & insights, prioritizing personalized experiences, and cultivating brand loyalty. The integration of modern technologies, such as Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, will allow brands to create meaningful customer interactions and enhance customer service, as well as improve business functions for associates.

At CapTech, our Consumer Retail portfolio serves a variety of clients across Apparel, Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food & Beverage, and Specialty brands. We have vast experience uncovering what’s possible and transforming e-commerce and retail capabilities through actionable ideas. 

We have a unique perspective for delivering customized solutions that meet our clients’ business challenges.

Brand Loyalty

In an age of increasing consumer choices, CapTech’s retail team is experienced in designing brand loyalty programs that convert customers to advocates and thoughtfully incorporates ESG values. We help clients navigate the complete loyalty process, from vendor selection to implementation and optimization of brand loyalty programs.


Leveraging data insights, user interface design, and augmented reality, CapTech’s retail team helps clients maximize customer engagement through a personalized experience. We’re helping major brands create frictionless experiences that are tailored to the customer.


Chat provides the opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship. CapTech partners with our clients to design and implement live chat and chatbot experiences for our retail clients. Our team leverages design elements that make the chat experience seamless and more authentic and relevant for the customer.

Digital Capabilities

CapTech partners with our clients to strengthen their customer’s digital brand experience through mobile, web, and digital content strategies. Additionally, CapTech understands that your customers’ experiences begin with your associates. We collaborate with our clients on point-of-sale and research-driven inventory management solutions that revolutionize meeting the needs of their customer.

Data Driven Insights

Modernizing our client’s approach to data, CapTech delivers operational transformation, insights, connectivity, and scalability. We help our clients leverage customer data effectively, so they better understand their targeted audiences, build unified experiences, and make data-informed decisions. However, we understand the foundational elements of good data start with strategy, architecture, and governance.


Whether it’s rapid prototyping, gamification, or augmented reality, CapTech’s retail team helps our clients harness the latest technologies to solve business challenges and drive results. CapTech’s deep expertise in the retail industry allows us to design innovative solutions that help our clients adapt to the changing landscape in retail.

Client Success Spotlight

A Fortune 500 specialty retailer wanted to migrate a homegrown loyalty platform to a specialized loyalty platform vendor or SaaS application. Read how CapTech assisted in the identification and selection of a new loyalty platform provider and help take its program to the next level.


  • The technical migration led to a highly rated, customer-facing platform.
  • The client now boasts a successful nationwide program comprised of 30M members.
  • The program offers increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  • Expanded data and reporting are now available through the new platform.

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2024 Consumer Retail Trends: Harnessing Emerging Tech to Meet Evolving Consumer Demands

We see five primary trends that will be focal points in the Consumer Retail Industry for 2024. These will largely focus on advancing digital customer experiences, refining workforce management along with staffing and pricing strategies, and identifying meaningful ways to enhance efficiencies and instill hyper-personalization through the integration of AI. 

Leading consumer retailers can take advantage of these trends to position themselves for success in the coming years. Click the link to read the full report.

Download the 2024 Consumer Retail Trends

Anthony Scott

Anthony Scott

Principal, Consumer and Retail Portfolio Lead

As CapTech’s Consumer and Retail Portfolio Lead, Anthony helps our clients transform their businesses to maximize the value they inspire to deliver for their customers. Looking across various retail domains, from food and beverage to consumer-packaged goods, he connects industry and technology solutions to the problems retailers face in a customer-centric digital economy. Driven by his passion for retail, Anthony engages with our clients through a genuine curiosity and empathy to see them succeed organizationally and personally.

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Morgan Wisener


As a leader within CapTech’s Consumer and Retail Portfolio, Morgan leverages her understanding of industry trends and challenges to drive innovative solutions and strategies that build brand loyalty and generate meaningful digital experiences for clients and their customers. Plainly, she loves to problem-solve and strategize ways to create meaningful connections between retailers and their customer base.

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