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Leveraging Technology to Address Complexities and Drive Results

Energy and natural resources organizations navigate an environment marked by continuous change and volatility. They must adeptly manage the ebb and flow of market supply and demand, navigate geopolitical uncertainties, adapt to evolving regulatory landscapes, and efficiently control production costs. With responsibilities to stakeholders, regulatory entities, and the public at large, these companies face challenges that invite unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation.

As a trusted partner, CapTech emphasizes practical solutions, focusing on identifying, implementing, and refining technology and data strategies that yield tangible outcomes. This holistic approach is instrumental in realizing significant operational efficiencies, modernizing safety strategies, and realizing the value of energy transitions. Through strategic technology investments, our clients are equipped to exceed their operational and growth objectives.


A first-of-its-kind application that uses augmented reality to let customers and field workers visualize equipment placement. VISTAR eliminates the guesswork that typically comes with placing transformers, meters, EV charging stations, solar panels, and more — and ensures the job is done right the first time, giving your customers complete peace of mind.

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Our Technology & Data-Driven Solutions Accelerate Growth

Operational Efficiency

CapTech empowers our clients to harness cutting-edge data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and sophisticated machine learning (ML) algorithms to improve operational efficiencies in this dynamic sector. This powerful combination provides immediate operational insights, paving the way for predictive maintenance strategies, astute resource distribution, and reduced operational interruptions. These technologies underpin the development of comprehensive data management systems, which streamline organizational workflows, promote sustainable practices, and propel innovation. By engaging with our seasoned consultants, enterprises can effectively navigate their digital transformation journey.

Safety Evolution through Predictive AI

Utilizing AI, we harness historical incident data to equip organizations to anticipate safety hazards and significantly reduce the frequency and severity of safety incidents. Our approach synthesizes varied data streams, providing unparalleled insights into an organization’s safety posture. Our platforms are designed to provide real-time notifications of potential risks, enhancing situational awareness. Moreover, they are equipped with feedback mechanisms that incrementally refine their predictive accuracy.

Report Automation and Sustainability Forecasting

Our environmental compliance solutions streamline the emissions reporting process, ensuring timely reporting and maximized return on investment in emissions reduction initiatives. By automating this process, we not only expedite the generation of auditable reports compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards but also apply the predictive power of AI to forecast future emissions trends. CapTech has developed advanced forecasting tools and visual planning aids to provide decision makers with the critical analysis necessary to formulate the most optimized emissions reduction strategies.

M&A Technology Assessment and Platform Integration

In the wake of a merger or acquisition, our strategic imperative is to refine clients’ technological framework to drive cost efficiency, ensure uniformity of data, and foster data accessibility. Our comprehensive approach begins with a complete inventory of current assets and a critical evaluation of processes, vendors, and applications. By conducting an in-depth rationalization of use cases and tools, we design an enterprise architecture that aligns with your strategic goals. We then identify and implement the most suitable platform and supporting tools, providing you with an optimized technology stack to fuel sustained growth and continuous innovation.

CapTech Has More than 25 Years of Experience Serving Clients Across Energy & Natural Resources

Electric Utilities & Renewables

The electric utilities industry faces unique challenges with aging infrastructure, increased demand, and the call for integration of renewables. Grid resiliency is another critical concern, as utilities must adapt to the growing demand for renewable energy sources and the integration of decentralized power generation. This involves implementing smart grid technologies, enhancing cybersecurity measures, and improving the overall robustness of the grid against natural disasters and cyber threats. By addressing these challenges through innovation and strategic investment, electric utilities can ensure a resilient, reliable, and sustainable energy supply for the future.

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Why CapTech?

Smart grid planning and advanced technology are vital to future proofing our energy systems and ensuring a reliable and sustainable tomorrow. CapTech partners with energy companies to identify weaknesses and implement intelligent solutions that strengthen resiliency, optimize efficiencies, and seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources. By leveraging innovative solutions and planning tools to improve operations, CapTech can help energy companies stay ahead of the curve. Together we can create a modern, resilient infrastructure to power our world. We partner with energy companies to identify opportunities and implement intelligent solutions that strengthen resiliency, optimize efficiencies, and seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies face a multifaceted array of challenges, including price volatility, stringent regulatory compliance, and significant environmental and social responsibilities. The industry is increasingly prioritizing sustainability and innovation and integrating advanced technologies such as automation, AI, and IoT to boost operational efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Moreover, safety and health remain critical priorities, with continuous initiatives to improve workplace safety, emergency preparedness, and overall operational integrity. By embracing these advancements, the oil and gas industry strives to navigate its complexities while ensuring a responsible and efficient approach to energy production.

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Why CapTech?

CapTech works with clients to streamline the vast amounts of data generated in exploration, production, and distribution processes, transforming it into actionable insights. This leads to more efficient resource allocation, better reservoir management, and improved production rates. Furthermore, advanced analytics can optimize supply chain operations, enhance logistics, and reduce costs. By leveraging technology, the oil and gas industry can not only improve operational efficiency, safety, and compliance, but also drive innovation and sustainability.

Metals, Materials, & Mining

From exploration and extraction to processing and refining, this industry encompasses a broad spectrum of activities and is capital-intensive, requiring significant investment in infrastructure, technology, and skilled labor. It faces a complex set of challenges, including fluctuating commodity prices, strict regulatory requirements, and environmental and social responsibilities. The industry is increasingly focused on sustainability and innovation; adopting advanced technologies like automation, AI, and IoT can enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Additionally, safety and health remain paramount, with ongoing efforts to improve working conditions and emergency preparedness.


Why CapTech?

CapTech helps companies harness the power of advanced analytics, which allows companies to gain deeper insights into their operations and enables more efficient resource extraction and processing. Predictive analytics and ML can be used to anticipate equipment failures and schedule timely maintenance, thereby reducing downtime and operational costs. IoT sensors can monitor mining conditions in real time, enhancing safety by detecting potential hazards early and ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory standards.


Market dynamics in the chemical industry are influenced by global demand, raw material availability, and geopolitical factors, necessitating robust supply chain management and strategic agility. As the industry evolves, there is a growing emphasis on digital transformation, leveraging advanced technologies such as data analytics, AI, and IoT to optimize operations, enhance product quality, and improve sustainability through sustainable materials.

Oil and Gas

Why CapTech?

CapTech can help chemical companies identify, implement, and optimize technology and data solutions that deliver significant returns on investment. By leveraging the right tools and platforms, companies can gain a comprehensive view of their operations, optimize processes, improve safety, and drive and measure the success of innovation. Real-time monitoring helps ensure precise control and improve product quality. Additionally, digital twins and simulation technologies allow for virtual testing and optimization of manufacturing processes, reducing costs and accelerating time-to-market for new products. Enhanced data management systems streamline regulatory compliance and reporting, ensuring adherence to stringent safety and environmental standards. The chemical industry can achieve greater operational efficiency, sustainability, and competitive advantage by leveraging these technological advancements and expert consulting services.


Agribusiness is characterized by its reliance on natural resources, making it particularly sensitive to environmental factors and climate change. Technological advancements play a crucial role in this sector, with innovations in biotechnology, precision farming, and data analytics driving efficiency and productivity. The industry also faces significant challenges, including fluctuating commodity prices, regulatory requirements, and the need for sustainable practices to protect ecosystems and ensure long-term viability. Supply chain management is critical, as agribusiness must navigate complexities in logistics and distribution to meet the demands of a growing global population. Additionally, there is an increasing focus on food safety, traceability, and ethical sourcing, driven by consumer awareness and regulatory standards.


Why CapTech?

CapTech can help clients to utilize IoT devices and sensors to monitor soil health, moisture levels, and crop conditions in real-time, enabling precise application of water, fertilizers, and pesticides. Using drones and satellite imagery for crop monitoring, disease detection, and yield estimation can help in making informed decisions and improving crop management. Utilizing data analytics and AI to optimize logistics, reduce waste, and improve inventory management ensures timely delivery and reduces costs. Developing systems to ensure compliance with local and international agricultural regulations, including food safety standards and environmental laws reduces administrative burden and ensures timely submissions.

Whitney Olmsted

Managing Director

As a Senior Account Executive, Whitney leads CapTech teams in delivering a wide spectrum of solutions for our Natural Resources Clients. She partners with clients to understand industry-specific challenges and drive technology solutions to deliver strong ROI. Whitney draws on nearly three decades of experience in technology and strategy to lead teams that implement innovative solutions to deliver real-world value for our clients.

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Kelsey Haviland

Kelsey Haviland


Kelsey is an account executive overseeing solution delivery for several leading electric utilities. With a decade of experience, she excels in leading high-performing technology teams to develop innovative products and deliver integrated data capabilities, driving operational efficiencies and improved business outcomes.

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