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Realize Value by Elevating Your Cloud Strategy

Moving to the cloud is only the first step of your cloud journey. At CapTech, we offer a range of services to evolve and mature your cloud footprint. Our Cloud Adoption Accelerator, which is built upon industry best practices and CapTech's cloud acumen, offers a comprehensive assessment of your organization's cloud maturity. We provide recommendations for how to elevate your cloud strategy and the surrounding cloud tools, processes, and people to optimize your cloud usage and reduce unnecessary spend. We also factor in artificial intelligence (AI), recognizing that AI applications require significant computing power and storage. The Cloud Adoption Accelerator will help ensure that the right foundations are in place to run AI applications that are scalable, cost-effective, secure, and easy to manage.

Service Components

Discovery Workshop

We’ll work to understand the current state architecture and cloud processes based on interviews with key leads and analysis of key systems.

Analysis and Scorecard

After a detailed evaluation, together we’ll complete your Cloud Adoption Accelerator scorecard, which will serve as a compass for cloud acceleration. Identified recommendations will be categorized based on your organization’s priorities and concerns

Cloud Accelerator Roadmap

We’ll determine dependencies and sequence recommendations to create a cloud acceleration roadmap. This will serve as a blueprint for future implementation work to address the prioritized recommendations.

Our Work

NASCAR relied on on-premises systems to provide scoring and competition updates to its fans. It engaged with CapTech to assess possibilities and develop a cloud solution to address scalability and reliability, and derive new insights to improve the fan experience.

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Why CapTech?

We understand that your cloud strategy is specific to your organization, and it begins with an understanding of your processes, people, and architecture. Our Cloud Adoption Accelerator goes beyond evaluating technology, and our recommendations are tailored to your organization. We bring cloud-agnostic practitioners in this low-investment, high-value engagement to help you save money in the short-term — but also proactively monitor cloud resources over the long-term.

Overhauling the Cloud for a Major Automobile Retailer

Faced with several large-scale challenges, an industry-leading automotive retailer looked to CapTech to provide needed technical expertise and support. CapTech was engaged to overhaul the cloud infrastructure supporting operations of the data science and machine learning department, improv AI capabilities, and implement machine learning operations (MLOps) processes to manage a growing number of AI models and capabilities.

PGA of America Data Strategy

CapTech conducted a data strategy assessment for the PGA of America (PGA), one of the world’s largest sports organizations, with the goal of establishing the largest golf consumer data platform in the industry. The PGA produces a wealth of golf consumer data through its day-to-day operations, but this data was heavily siloed within each individual operational pillar. This structure limited the PGA’s ability to realize shared value from its consumer data assets at an enterprise level. Interviews with stakeholders revealed a need to create a unified consumer data environment. CapTech collaborated with the PGA to create a data warehouse hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that end-users from across the organization could access to drive business value.


Gabriella Baum

Gabriella Baum

Managing Director

Gabriella co-leads CapTech’s Data & Analytics practice area, delivering modern data solutions to enable data-driven decision-making for her clients. She is an Architect and Strategist and has led initiatives across all industries, focused on cloud modernization, AI enablement, and data strategy.

Clinton Teegarden

Clinton Teegarden

Technical Director, AI and Mobile Lead for Travel and Hospitality

Clinton is a seasoned innovator with over a decade of experience spearheading technological advancements across diverse industries. His expertise in AI, mobile, and cloud technologies has enabled him to lead teams in crafting solutions that revolutionize customer experiences at every touchpoint. With a proven track record of delivering products used by over 50 million people, Clinton's impact spans the hospitality, retail, finance, and sports industries.

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