We believe in the greatness to be discovered within the depths of data that will ignite the fuse of innovation.


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Data Science & Visualization

Today, businesses must evolve to maximize the value of unprecedented amounts of data. Strong business intelligence and analytics capabilities, as well as effective reporting and visualization tools, provide businesses with reliable data that is critical to responding quickly to fast-moving market trends and customer demands.

CapTech meets you where you are in the process, developing a platform for showcasing your enterprise data that allows stakeholders to dynamically interact and make informed business decisions. Partnering to understanding the exact needs of your organization, we take a customized approach to deliver solutions that turn data into actionable information.

Data Engineering

Quickly finding answers to business problems is challenging. Massive volumes of data constantly arrive at high speed, making it difficult to manage and analyze. While big data solutions can help, many businesses lack the experience to implement and manage them.

Our data engineers specialize in building advanced systems that bring data together from disparate sources, making it available to data scientists and other data consumers. We apply engineering best practices and use advanced technologies to solve complex data problems and ensure that your business has the information it needs. Our extensive experience in traditional and big data environments will help make your data readily accessible so you can solve your business problems and identify opportunities faster.

Data Strategy and Architecture

Many organizations are inundated with data that they can’t seem to organize, understand, or convert to useful information. That can lead to unreliable reporting and poor decision-making.

CapTech helps you develop a plan to organize your data so that it can be converted to actionable information that will enable you to reach your strategic business objectives. By analyzing your business goals and priorities and determining how to organize your data to support them, we use our experience to help select and implement the correct architecture for your business and provide a roadmap that will successfully guide you to your objectives.

Data Governance

Despite recognizing the need for data governance, many companies find it challenging to establish data origin and quality, define who can access data and what they can do with it, and manage how data is cataloged or categorized.

Our experts help you manage, protect, catalog, assess, track, and make best use of your data. In both traditional and big data ecosystems, we build custom solutions to alleviate complex data governance problems, including compliance, security, lineage, and data quality.