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We Turn Your Data Into Action

While companies have massive amounts of data, the information is only as good as their ability to connect it, govern it, and make it accessible for decision-making. Organizations need to be able to store, process, analyze, and act on their data in a timely fashion.

Find the right approach to enable you to identify important business trends and opportunities, understand and improve the customer experience, and make reliable decisions.


Data Architecture + Strategy

Without the right architecture, organizational data lakes quickly become data swamps.

  • Analyze business challenges to get to your correct architecture.
  • Calculate for enterprise and regulatory requirements, technology drivers, and economics.
  • Connect the dots between modern and existing technologies.
  • Turn big data into business insights.

Data Science

Gain more value from your data by working with data scientists who can help you to determine exactly what your needs are.

  • Ensure that data science models are maintainable, scalable, and affordable.
  • Support emerging technologies like machine learning, AI, and IoT.
  • Develop strong business intelligence and analytics capabilities.
  • Respond quickly to fast-moving customer demands.

Data Engineering

Build advanced data systems that bring together data from disparate sources, and make it available to decision-makers.

  • Ingest and process data quickly using scalable cloud technologies.
  • Engineering best practices solve complex data problems.
  • Advanced systems that bring data together from disparate sources.
  • Make big data readily accessible.

Data Visualization

Empower your decision makers with comprehensive views of the latest analytics delivered via intuitive and interactive visualizations.

  • Engage new customers.
  • Maximize profitability with new insights.
  • Identify new marketing opportunities for existing customers.
  • Create methods to better measure customer behavior.

Data Governance

Make the best use of your data in both traditional and big data ecosystems — wrangle your unruly data.

  • Improve compliance, security, lineage, and data quality.
  • Define who can access data and what they can do with it.
  • Build custom solutions to solve complex data governance problems.
  • More efficiently manage, protect, assess, and track your data.

Read our "7 Realities for Your Data Initiative" whitepaper.

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CapTech D&A Lead

Ben Harden

Principal | Data & Analytics Practice Area Lead

Ben has over 25 years of data and analytics consulting experience and has spent his career helping clients turn their data into business insights. He has consulted with numerous Fortune 500 clients helping to define and refine their data strategies, business cases, and target data architectures. He has deep experience implementing modern data architectures and helping clients navigate through the fragmented data technology landscape. Ben continues to spend time working directly with clients while also leading the Data and Analytics practice for CapTech.

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