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Modern and intuitive citizen interactions

New technologies empower governments to innovate, streamline operations, and extract value from organizational data. This can spark powerful transformation that leads to improvements to processes and systems. But with equity and privacy concerns, governments must find ways to balance the citizen experience with the protection of rights and interests. Public Services organizations require solutions that citizens and stakeholders can easily understand, navigate, and trust.

CapTech understands the unique challenges public services face, from limited resources, legacy systems, and paper-based processes to staffing obstacles, public scrutiny, and complex regulations. We work with our clients to apply private sector best practices and create tailored solutions that improve citizen engagement and accelerate agency modernization.


Strategy Assessment and Transformation

A project mindset with centralized work management utilizing temporary teams of partially-allocated stakeholders across business and IT silos limits creativity and overloads organizations. A product mindset with long-standing, cross-functional teams organized around delivering a continuous flow of value increases speed of delivery, improves quality, and inspires innovation. CapTech helps agencies establish a culture that’s organized around value and outcomes, enabling teams to deliver better, more efficient products and services.

Citizen Experience & Accessibility

As citizen expectations evolve, agencies must simplify and modernize their applications and processes, incorporating a human-centered approach that builds trust and delivers services more efficiently and inclusively. CapTech’s solutions allow agencies to achieve improved digital experiences that meet demands, exceed expectations, and are accessible to all.

Data Strategy

CapTech helps organizations develop a foundational data strategy to manage, govern, and engineer their data in a way that powers advanced analytics and drives actionable insights. CapTech helps agencies understand the value of their data and create innovative solutions to bring that value to the public.

Cloud Acceleration

Many government agencies have migrated to the cloud but have not adopted best practices for operating in a cloud environment. CapTech partners with agencies to optimize their cloud strategy to ensure a right-fit of capabilities and the most effective cost model to support agency needs.

Agencies as a Brand

CapTech has worked with numerous agencies to design user-friendly, branded web and mobile customer experiences that improve workforce efficiencies, engage citizens more meaningfully, and increase citizen loyalty. When an agency wants to strengthen their public perception, we rebuild their brand identity, giving them a distinct look, feel, and tone of voice that drives emotional connections.

Custom Application Development

When commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms cannot meet unique agency process and regulatory requirements, governments require customized applications to meet their needs. CapTech designs innovative and trusted solutions to address unique agency requirements in highly regulated environments, leveraging accelerators with proven frameworks and design patterns to provide many of the benefits of COTS, with the flexibility of custom applications and lower total cost of ownership.

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Trends Driving Government Innovation

Government agencies face increasing pressures to integrate services and innovate delivery – a result of greater expectations for customer service; playing catch-up with technology modernization; and recruiting, growing, and retaining a dynamic workforce. In the scheme of government priorities, the response to these pressures is often tepid – a new transformation office, a test application in the cloud, or initiatives to improve hiring.

With these three trends, the importance of agency culture is particularly significant. Each requires an organization to work across divisions and prioritize resources and efforts in a common way.

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Client Success Spotlight

Creating a State-of-the-Art State Workers’ Compensation Agency

State workers’ compensation agencies have historically operated in a paper-based environment with poor data, little integration, and a time-consuming, manually intensive process. The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) wanted to break through these barriers to create a more user-friendly and efficient experience that would allow external stakeholders data access to improve service delivery, provide transparency into the claims process for injured employees, allow their agency to manage by data, and begin to proactively address sources of injury.


  • The online workers’ compensation portal provides an easy-to-use interface and automated processes for Minnesota’s workers’ compensation stakeholders.
  • Injured employees have more transparency to help them understand the status of their filed claim, what to do next, and access needed resources.
  • Employers can monitor the status of their employees' workers' compensation claims and proceedings.
  • Insurers and self-insurers can submit documentation, correct errors, and resolve claims and disputes, which will minimize their costs.

CapTech and Public Services: Intuitive Modern Solutions


Jason Leonard

Principal, Lead for Healthcare and Public Services

Jason co-leads CapTech’s healthcare and public services portfolios, empowering consultant and client teams to innovate and develop scalable solutions that improve the customer experience and produce extraordinary results for our clients.

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Adam Hofheimer

Adam Hofheimer

Principal, Lead for Healthcare and Public Services

Adam co-leads CapTech’s healthcare and public services portfolios, supporting strategy, relationship and business development. His deep technical experience and industry expertise drive solutions and growth for our clients.

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Coe Sherrard

Managing Director, Product Strategy

Coe is a leader in CapTech’s Public Services practice, supporting strategy and client delivery. He specializes in leading client teams through complex business and technology transformations.

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