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Create New Opportunities for Your Business by Leveraging the Power of AI

CapTech’s AI Acceleration Framework provides your organization with an industry-tailored, comprehensive approach to AI innovation and integration. The central component of the AI Acceleration Framework is our AI Innovation Sprint. This intense two-week innovation sprint brings together business and technical stakeholders to outline business goals and identify opportunities to implement AI solutions within the enterprise. We'll address constraints and blockers and consider potential remedies. We’ll also talk through appropriate governance and compliance considerations to guide the rollout of AI in a way that balances the opportunities with the risks.

Service Components

Strategic Planning

No matter your AI maturity, we’ll facilitate a workshop with your key stakeholders to create an AI strategy that covers effort prioritization, pilot initiatives, and more.

Experience Design

Through journey mapping we’ll get a clear picture of the goals your customers are trying to accomplish and use those insights to design for every single interaction.

Process Reengineering

Our experts can offer valuable insights and recommendations on leveraging powerful AI solutions to automate and optimize workflows across your organization.

Data and Analytics

From data engineering to MLOps to advanced analytics, we’ll help you leverage data to learn more about customer behaviors and inform key decisions.

Systems Integration

We’ll explore advancements in code generation and assistance AI to make a positive impact on the productivity of all engineers.

Risk Management & Governance

Our approach emphasizes responsible AI implementation, incorporating robust risk management and governance practices to balance opportunity with safety.


Our collaborative approach enables us to identify AI solutions that are specifically tailored to your industry, addressing the unique challenges and goals your organization is focused on.

Our Process

The AI Acceleration Framework comprises four key elements that work together to provide a comprehensive approach to AI innovation and integration:

  • AI Chalktalk: Collaborative sessions where our experts engage with your team to understand your organization’s business goals, challenges, and AI possibilities.
  • AI Innovation Sprint: A two-week engagement that brings together business and technical stakeholders to identify business goals, opportunities, constraints, and governance considerations for AI implementation.
  • AI Proof of Concept Pilot: Hands-on initiative to rapidly develop and test potential AI solutions, providing practical insights and evaluating their feasibility and impact.
  • AI Strategy Roadmap: A strategic plan that outlines the path for AI implementation, considering insights from the AI Chalktalk, AI Innovation Sprint, and AI Proof of Concept Pilot, providing clear direction for aligning efforts with business objectives.

These four elements of the AI Acceleration Framework work together to guide organizations through the process of exploring, planning, and implementing AI solutions in a structured and effective manner.


Why CapTech?

CapTech’s comprehensive approach to AI takes into account your technology, data, and organization to understand how you can better provide value to your customers and drive your business goals. Whether you’re just getting started with AI technologies or have been experimenting with it already, CapTech can partner with you to mature your capabilities at scale to transform your business. We understand that technology for its own sake doesn’t solve problems. We will collaborate with you to find opportunities to test and innovate, so you can start innovating today, while you plan for your long-term AI future. At CapTech, we can help you find your “why” for AI.

Helping to Launch an AI-Powered Conversational Experience

CapTech partnered with a top 5 U.S. bank to help launch an AI-powered Virtual Assistant (VA). CapTech’s consultants provided a wide range of support for this program, including technical program management, conversational design, content strategy, user acceptance testing, and product management.

AI-Powered Fraud Detection in Healthcare

A Fortune 50 health insurance provider wanted a better way to classify and detect potentially fraudulent claims, enabling their fraud investigators to focus their limited time on the highest-value cases for recovery. The company collaborated with CapTech to develop an AI-driven system that could quickly analyze vast amounts of data and flag anomalies, while assigning a risk score to prioritize claims with the most dollars at risk.

Learn More About Our Approach to AI

Find your why for AI


Brian Bischoff

Principal, Practice Areas & Services

Brian leads our business strategy for our practice areas and is a thought leader in digital strategy. He provides an objective perspective through the strategic analysis of current technology trends and designs and builds great experiences for our clients.

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LesLea Carey

LesLea Carey


As a Director in our Customer Experience practice, LesLea combines data-driven insights with business objectives to create user-friendly solutions. LesLea's experience in user insights and experience, coupled with her role as a CX partner, enables her to deliver impactful and user-centric solutions in the Consumer Retail portfolio that bridge the gap between user needs and business goals.

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