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Driving Exponential Growth Through Technology and Financial Services Expertise

Technological advancements are transforming the financial services industry. When the power of technology is used to solve decades-long challenges, it can enable financial institutions to improve efficiency and offer innovative services that meet evolving customer expectations. Predictably, however, technological advancements also bring added responsibility in data security, risk management, fraud, and operational management. 

As a trusted partner to banks, wealth management firms, insurance companies and payment processing companies, CapTech works with clients to properly manage and drive actionable insights from vast amounts of sensitive data, navigate changes within the industry, and embrace digital convergence to transform operations and enhance the user experience. We collaborate with our clients to help them reduce costs, improve accuracy, and discover what's next for their business.

As technologies in the financial services industry continue to evolve, we partner with our clients to navigate changes and leverage new solutions.

Customer Experience

We help financial institutions leverage innovation to meet evolving customer needs and deliver human-focused solutions that have a lasting impact.

Operational Resiliency

As institutions move toward digitizing operations, we help our financial services clients modernize systems and increase efficiencies to reach new customers, expand services, and reduce costs.

Data & Advanced Analytics

We use data and advanced analytics to better understand customer behavior and make data-driven decisions while meeting the challenges of regulatory data sharing and accelerating data productization.

Cloud Migration & Modernization

We help financial institutions derive maximum value from their cloud strategy, using it to enhance security, scalability, and flexibility, while reducing cost and maintenance.

Digital Transactions

We provide tech-forward solutions that make online transactions more seamless and secure for customers and financial institutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML)

We are experienced in helping financial institutions use AI and ML technologies to automate routine tasks, improve risk management, and detect fraud.

Client Success Spotlight

When a top 10 independent broker-dealer wanted to create a digital simulation of an existing application to avoid exposing customer data, it engaged CapTech to build and deploy the model. Without the need to migrate existing applications, the CapTech team was able to devise a simplified build and deployment that allowed the project to move much faster than a full migration. 


  • The digital simulation was extremely successful, with a 56% engagement rate among the client’s advisors. 
  • Most users signed in more than once, indicating that they found it useful enough to log in a second time. 
  • The simulation also served to familiarize the client with a cloud-based system by providing them a chance to see how the application would function on a cloud-based platform before making a full commitment to migration.

How Generative AI is Changing the Game in Banking

Tune in to our discussion with Raj Chakraborty, CEO of AssureIQ CEO and Paul Given, CapTech Principal about how AI is changing the game in banking with financial services.

View the Full Interview Here

Dennis Bowne

Principal, Financial Services Industry Portfolio Lead

As co-lead of CapTech’s Financial Services offering, Dennis oversees a portfolio of banking, investing, and insurance accounts. With 25+ years in the consulting arena, including 15+ years in banking and insurance, he has a deep understanding of the needs and hurdles our customers face.

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Jeffery Skipper

Jeffery Skipper

Principal, Financial Services Industry Portfolio Lead

As co-lead of CapTech’s Financial Services offering, Jeff oversees a portfolio of banking, investing, and insurance accounts. With 15+ years of experience in wealth management and banking, Jeff’s expertise in project management, process improvements, and the analysis, design, and implementation of complex business systems allows him to drive solutions and growth for our clients.

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Paul Given

Paul Given

Principal, Financial Services Industry Strategist 

With 20+ years of experience as a business and technology leader, Paul specializes in merging information technology with product management, marketing, and operations to create strategic results for our financial services clients.

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