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Transform the Customer Experience Through Augmented Reality

Designed with the Customer in Mind

Through the latest advancements in augmented reality (AR), our VISTARSM app offers an interactive experience through real-time visualizations. Utilizing a tablet on-site, service representatives can present customers with easy-to-understand visuals and collaborate to get immediate feedback and buy-in.

VISTAR eliminates the guesswork that typically comes with placing equipment like transformers, meters, EV charging stations, solar panels, and more — and ensures the job is done right the first time, giving your customers complete peace of mind. The app is also customizable, allowing you to integrate your brand within the platform, ultimately building valuable trust with each and every customer.

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"Any opportunity we get, we love demo-ing CapTech's augmented reality tool to other utility partners. This tool has transformed the way we service our customers."

– Utility Underground Program Leader, Top 10 Electric Utility

Take a Deeper Dive Into VISTAR

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Optimize Your Operations

Expedite projects through visualizations

By leveraging the power of AR, both you and the customer receive greater accuracy, which has the power to accelerate projects. Equipment placement precision allows you to garner easement signatures swiftly, avoid timeline delays, keep track of everything in the field — especially non-visible underground utility assets — and avoid costly construction rework.

Increase customers confidence

Your customers will appreciate a fully branded experience within the VISTAR app, which includes your logo, a choice of color themes, and custom 3D assets. From the user interface on your tablet to the final documentation, you’ll have branded assets in hand that help you earn your customers’ immediate trust — and better yet, earn their loyalty over the long haul.

Maximize internal efficiencies

Thanks to increased customer satisfaction and on-site installation accuracy, companies can reduce customer service complaints, which leads to lower overall call center costs. And since you can build a record of truth in the field with screenshots, measurements, coordinates, and detailed notes, all of your internal teams are aligned on project statuses, and any next steps.

Benefit from continuous enhancements

VISTAR is continuously updated to enhance functionality with the latest emerging technologies and integrates seamlessly with the latest operating systems. The app will work on any AR-capable device, and always receive any updates without any maintenance requirements from your team.

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Seeing is definitely believing, VISTAR is now available in the Apple App Store.

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VISTAR Wins “Technology Builder Award” 2023

The Technology Builder Award recognizes a technology company with a presence in Richmond delivering technology solutions and services to external clients that build capacity and increase operational efficiency.

"This award is a testament to the hard work and innovation of our VISTAR team who have consistently pushed the boundaries to deliver remarkable experiences to our clients. We are dedicated to empowering businesses with the transformative potential of AR, and this recognition motivates us to continue pushing the envelope," said CapTech CEO Andy Sofish.

Kelsey Haviland

Kelsey Haviland

Director, Emerging Products

Kelsey is an account executive overseeing solution delivery for multiple top electric utilities. Additionally, Kelsey leads CapTech’s go-to-market product strategy for emerging technologies.

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Coe Sherrard

Coe Sherrard

Managing Director, Product Strategy

Coe is a leader in CapTech’s Energy & Utilities practice, supporting strategy, product development, and client delivery. Coe specializes in driving innovation and leading client teams through complex business and technology transformations.

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VISTAR is packed with features designed to meet your customers’ needs and empower your internal teams.


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