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Putting Augmented Reality to Use

Explore VISTAR's Potential

From custom-selecting equipment to measuring distance between objects to capturing and saving images, VISTAR is packed with features to engage your customers more fully, and enable sustained success for your teams.

Built to Influence Customers

Personalized Objects and Equipment

You can select which equipment or objects will be most impactful to visualize for your customers. The app allows companies to select objects like transformers, wall battery chargers, microgrids, solar panels, fencing, or native plants.

Superior Branded Client Experience

With a subscription, our clients can count on having an individualized branded experience while in the field talking to customers, which includes your organization’s logos, select color schemes, and custom 3D assets.

Advanced In-App Measurements

Capture measurements in VISTAR to ensure your teams will know exactly where to install equipment. The precision of this feature leads to increased customer satisfaction and reduced — and expensive — construction rework costs.

Time-Saving Geolocation Services

When capturing a customer agreement, geolocation features can automatically detect the address and pre-populate the tool. Cellular-enabled iPads can also capture object placement coordinates (latitude/longitude) as needed for internal team use.

Centralized Record of Truth

Capture all information in a clean PDF or image output document that serves as a record of truth that can be quickly shared with other teams. Object coordinates, critical customer notes, and address information are easily shareable to drive new efficiencies internally.

Fully Branded Pilot Period

Allow your teams to test-drive the VISTAR technology in the field before committing to a subscription. Explore the app’s features in full to determine if it’s a good fit for your internal teams and your customers.

Simple and Intuitive Onboarding

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VISTAR is packed with features designed to meet your customers’ needs and empower your internal teams.


Need help with onboarding or would you like to request a demo for your team? We've got answers to your most burning VISTAR questions.


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