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Although one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies already had an existing chatbot / virtual assistant (VA) on its customer-facing website, they had only just begun to tap its full potential. They asked CapTech to partner with them on enhancements that would realize more value for the business and for customers.


Customers want and increasingly expect to be able to find answers and solve issues online. At the same time, the client’s customer call center was already overworked. A more robust and customer-responsive chatbot would increase the “containment” rate (percent of requests fully handled within chat), thereby reducing call center demand and boosting customer satisfaction.


Analysis – A specialized conversational design team analyzed existing customer “intents” and conversational flows with low containment rates to see where enhancements could be made. We then made a series of recommendations to improve the customer experience by offering more functionality within the chat experience. 

Design – We worked with the client’s marketing team to understand their brand and make sure the chat experience reflected their messaging strategy. We then created individual intent briefs to tackle high-priority utterances and outline key potential changes. A CapTech conversational tech copywriter drafted scripts, ensuring that the bot provided accurate and useful solutions, projected the right personality, and aligned with the client’s existing brand standards. 

Testing – After developing a chat prototype for each redesigned intent, we conducted table reads and user testing, making improvements and clarifying language to ensure an improved and successful experience.


  • CapTech provided the client with future-state flows for over 40 intents to help customers self-serve and to increase containment for a variety of important user tasks. 
  • Facilitated work with legal, compliance, marketing, and IT for content reviews and approvals. 
  • Helped internal team to process for getting the new flows into production. 
  • Fully prepared client to replace existing chatbot with a more robust, reimagined version, which would minimize customer service involvement and maximize customer satisfaction. 
  • Worked with the client to quantify return on investment based on containment rate and other improvements.

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