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A leading provider of specialty logistics services operating in a highly competitive market was confronted with the dual challenge of significantly reducing operational costs and enhancing customer experience. In an industry defined by efficiency and rapid service, traditional cost reduction methods were falling short, and the need for innovation was paramount. 

Recognizing the limitations of traditional automation, the logistics company sought a transformative solution that could swiftly meet their ambitious targets without compromising on service quality. The company turned its attention towards hyperautomation, an advanced approach that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), process mining, and low-code composable tools. Hyperautomation offered the potential to integrate multiple advanced technologies for a complete operational overhaul, delivering substantial cost savings while elevating customer service levels. To transform this vision into reality, it partnered with CapTech.


1. Identification and prioritization: We leveraged advanced virtual tools and our proprietary Hyperscore system to scan business operations, identifying key processes ripe for automation. These processes were then prioritized based on their potential ROI, feasibility, and alignment with the company's broader goals.

2. Analysis and development: Our team applied AI-based process mining techniques to dissect and understand the selected processes deeply, revealing unique optimization opportunities. Concurrently, we engaged low-code composable tools for agile, iterative solution development, promoting rapid innovation and refinement.

3. Assurance and deployment: To safeguard the solution's quality, we utilized automated review tools and conducted comprehensive user acceptance testing. Upon validation, the automated processes were seamlessly integrated into the company's operations via a scalable, cloud-based infrastructure.

4. Continuous improvement: Post-deployment, we established real-time monitoring systems to maintain process efficiency, enabling the proactive detection and implementation of ongoing enhancements. We also fostered a culture of cross-functional collaboration, catalyzing the identification of new automation opportunities to continue driving the company's digital transformation journey.

This comprehensive approach allowed us to design and implement a powerful, AI-infused hyperautomation solution to drive operational efficiency and scalability across the company.


The hyperautomation solution revolutionized the company's operational landscape: 

  • Time savings: The automated candidate flight confirmation use case eradicated 200+ hours of employee processing time daily, yielding quarterly cost savings of over $250,000.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Faster and more precise responses to customer queries led to reduced wait times and improved service quality, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Streamlined supply chain: The solution eliminated bottlenecks and minimized manual errors, leading to efficient operations and potential reductions in order-to-delivery times.
  • Resilience and continuity: 24/7 operational capability of automated systems increased the company's resilience, ensuring uninterrupted service during peak times and other operational disruptions.
  • Scalability blueprint: Demonstrated the potential of hyperautomation to scale across other critical processes within the company, laying the foundation for further operational improvement and cost reduction.

The transformation brought about by CapTech's hyperautomation solution exemplifies the potential of this technology in streamlining business operations and paving the way for future-ready firms. The success story of this international shipping and logistics company, with significant cost savings, improved decision-making, and increased scalability, is a testament to the value hyperautomation can bring to organizations seeking operational efficiency and growth.