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CapTech Trends Podcast Series

Improving Human Efficiency with Hyperautomation

In this episode of CapTech Trends, we dig deeper into hyperautomation, one of our four 2022 Tech Trends. Our host, Vinnie Schoenfelder, and CapTech fellow Bill Klos discuss how hyperautomation technology is preparing organizations for the next frontier of digital transformation. Listen in as we discuss:

  • The differences between automation and hyperautomation
  • The factors that are causing companies to take hyperautomation more seriously
  • How to identify the feature flags within the development process 
  • The required top-down and bottom-up decision-making discussions

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      Vinnie Schoenfelder

      Principal, CTO

      Vinnie is a Principal at CapTech and plays a large role in helping define services, forge partnerships, and lead innovation for our clients. As a thought leader, he regularly helps clients solve their most complex business challenges.

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      William Klos

      William Klos

      Fellow, Systems Integration

      Bill has been delivering business and technology solutions as a consultant in Ohio for over 25 years. His focus has traditionally been on working with clients to deliver solid technology solutions rooted in innovative approaches. Approaches that not only address the diverse environments of his clients but also scale and evolve to meet his clients’ changing business needs.

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