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Taking Ownership Over Your Consumer Data with mePrism 

Your data is the most powerful data set that exists on the planet today. Should you have control over and own your own data? In this episode, Vinnie Schoenfelder welcomes mePrism CEO Tom Daly and CapTech co-CEO Steve Holdych to discuss data privacy and its value to both the consumer and companies. Topics covered include:

• Understanding how your data is being used and how the magic of technology can be distracting. 
• Why compliance and full transparency with consumer data is critical to brand affinity.
• How the mass scale of sharing data influences purchasing behaviors.

For more information on mePrism:

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Tom Daly

CEO of mePrism

Tom is the founder and CEO at mePrism. The structure of the market is changing and mePrism is looking to be an agent of change in this new consumer data environment.