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Maximizing Outcomes with Hothouses

A Hothouse is an Agile innovation method that combines principles of Lean and Design Thinking to solve complicated business problems - sometimes in a day, sometimes in a couple of days. Hothouses involve truly understanding the problem, and then getting the right people into a room for a highly collaborative, cross functional, and flexible working session that yields impactful, actionable outcomes. Tamara Jones, Finance Managing Director at Markel, joins us for this podcast to dive deeper into Hothouses, what you can expect to achieve out of them, why they’re an important and effective approach for solving tough challenges, and how you can ensure your Hothouse is successful.

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Episode Highlights

Embracing What’s Right, Even if It's Not Easy

It’s easy to be skeptical when it come to new methods of problem solving. But with Hothouses, you find that once you get started, you don’t want to stop. Word gets out, especially when you involve observers and participants from other departments. The success they see, the process they witness, the deliverables and outcomes – it’s empowering. Hothouses create a new energy and vigor within teams and within your organization that make all the things you thought you could never do feel possible for the first time.

Cross Functional Yields The Best Outcomes

Most often, identifying a cross-functional problem to be solved is the first step in making a Hothouse great. A truly successful Hothouse brings people together in a very collaborative environment, customizes interactions and activities, brings in diversity of thought from a cross-functional group, and is highly interactive, leveraging the right tools. Hothouse help provide organizations with have a clear plan of action for all involved and have the potential to start materializing almost immediately.