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CapTech Trends Podcast Series

Are Consumers Optimistic about AI?

How do consumers really feel about AI? In this episode of CapTech Trends, CapTech CTO Vinnie Schoenfelder, discusses the findings of CapTech’s AI study, with CapTech Fellow Jason Snook and CapTech Manager Carrie Ryan. 

Tune in as we cover:

  • Surprising findings that challenged our hypothesis
  • How AI is deeply integrated into building brand loyalty
  • The future of AI and the consumer

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Vinnie Schoenfelder

Principal, CTO

Vinnie is a Principal at CapTech and plays a large role in helping define services, forge partnerships, and lead innovation for our clients. As a thought leader, he regularly helps clients solve their most complex business challenges.

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Jason Snook

Jason Snook

Fellow, Customer Experience

For nearly 20 years, Jason has been helping companies design experiences that are easier, more effective, and more enjoyable for customers and employees. He is a Fellow within our CX practice, currently researching conversational technologies and applied AI.

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Carrie Ryan


Carris is a UX Architect within our CX practice area. She is passionate about bringing an empathetic and user centric approach to her work while simultaneously balancing business requirements in order to drive thoughtful design and successful product development.

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