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CapTech partnered with a Top 5 U.S. Airline to create an app-based augmented reality (AR) experience for youth that built on the airline's kid-centric giveaway program. A pilot version of the game was needed within a tight, four-week timeframe, and CapTech was excited to deliver on this project.


To build on the initial success of an AR app, CapTech was tasked with developing the game into a more extensive, omnichannel program, including a year-plus strategic roadmap with a mix of digital-led experiences and targeted marketing events. CapTech created a fun, easily learned kids’ experience featuring illustrated visual assets and sound effects intended to help drive brand loyalty among the airline’s flyers. 

The interactive children’s program allows kids to follow travel plans for themselves and family members, access educational information about their destinations, play games, connect with flight teams, and participate in the airline’s philanthropic initiatives. Taking style cues from the airline’s brand architecture, the application allows families to deepen their relationship with the brand in a fun and informative way.


During initial conversations with the airline, the CapTech team learned of operational challenges pertaining to families traveling and set to work to deliver a working prototype as the first phase of the project. The team was quickly brought on board to bring a product to market leveraging a rapid prototyping model. 

The team then rolled out the experience at various routes in various airports to engage customers and collect feedback. This resulted in establishing an extensive product roadmap that delivered against various traveler pain points with the goal of achieving a higher share of wallet or brand loyalists. To build on the initial success, CapTech supported the client by developing a launch campaign and brand marketing events to maximize and integrate the app’s impact.


The app-based AR experience was a success for the airline, Among the highlights, the experience: 

  • Improved the addressability of the traveling family segment.
  • Created contextual engagement across the entire travel journey.
  • Showcased the client’s commitment to innovation and experience.
  • Created connections with flight crews, gate agents and the brand.
  • Provided new tools to leverage during long hauls and travel disruptions.