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When a top 30 publicly traded regional bank was faced with high employee turnover, it engaged CapTech to expand the capabilities of its Workday data and analytics tools. This effort provided key metrics and insights that enabled the bank to develop strategies to retain and engage talent.


The bank had made a significant investment in its Workday platform, so when employee turnover spiked, it was natural to look to Workday for analytics around the issue. While the Workday platform provided a wealth of employee data, the bank’s Workday team was small and lacked the capability to access and interpret this data. The bank engaged CapTech to develop people analytics tools and train its current team, thereby allowing the bank to maximize the value of its existing Workday investment.


The project kicked off in mid-September, with the CapTech team employing anonymous surveys and brainstorming sessions to gain a comprehensive view of the challenges the client faced in its past Workday usage. One key issue that emerged was around how difficult it was for senior leaders to access relevant data. Based on this feedback, the CapTech team developed two dashboards, one focused on retention and one focused on engagement. Both dashboards were designed to make people analytics easily accessible and understandable. The CapTech team  researched charts and reports available through Workday and, in partnership with the client, selected the most impactful of these to include in the dashboards. The team also put thought into the layout of the dashboards, ensuring the charts and graphs created a narrative when viewed left to right and top to bottom. Once the client was aligned with the overall strategy, the CapTech team moved quickly to build and deploy the new dashboards, which were both launched by the end of October, a little over a month after the start of the project.


A total of 11 reports were created. With the dashboards in place, the client’s managers had access to critical data for their supervisory organizations, as well as insights around how to engage talent more effectively. It became clear which positions and departments were most impacted by high turnover and gave leadership a roadmap to develop effective strategies to boost retention.

Among the most impactful of the tools developed was a system that allowed leadership to identify and categorize top talent. This allowed the client’s leadership to target their retention efforts to high-performing talent.

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