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International Financial Services Company


An international financial services client needed to improve the various search functions of its intranet and business applications. As their site grew, the search function in their internal portal couldn’t pull all relevant content for any given search. The search result included a mash up of search presentation interfaces, various locations to mine for content, and manual processes to synchronize global search with disparate external data stores.


The company executed a new, user-friendly Enterprise Search platform. This platform was designed to establish a stable and feature-rich environment for the changing requirements of the growing organization. Search results became more accurate and inclusive allowing for an enriched user experience.

Partners in Development

We partnered with the client to apply a standard System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process to document requirements, design future state service architecture, develop SOA services, and develop detailed documentation for access to the new service layer. We also used an iterative approach to develop Java-based services. This approach allowed for a phased development of the services to support the user interface. As the project moved towards implementation, we worked closely with the company to fine-tune the new environment to meet desired performance processing times. This activity helped the company build a new set of realistic SLAs for performance of the future state application.