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A global technology firm that develops software used by retailers needed to re-engineer their products to make them easier and more cost-effective for customers to use. Historically, the company had offered monolithic applications that provided functionality on a single platform that customers ran onsite. The company wanted to shift their offerings to a microservices architecture that would be easier to manage, update, and tailor to each customer’s needs.


Since launch, the version-less, always current model solution has boosted software sales, enhanced competitive positioning, and increased customer satisfaction with more than a dozen customers going live with the product this year.

  • Microservices made upgrades and customizations faster allowing retailers to get their products in the hands of customers more quickly
  • Many coding functions are automated, reducing development work and costs significantly
  • Cloud functionality option reduces operating costs and increases efficiency
  • Functionality is used by retailers seamlessly across channels, including mobile, web, and point-of-sale devices making it simpler for their customers to purchase from them

Proven Design for a Custom Solution

We assisted in the architecture and proof-of-concept development, as well as led the formation of the testing strategy and deployment. To develop this solution, we used proven design patterns, open-source solutions (to increase cost-effectiveness), and continuous integration to make functionality available quickly.

The solution also uses container technology to improve reliability and give retailers alternative options in the event services aren’t available or components fail. This was supplemented with contract-based services to certify that newer components would work with older components.