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Sabra’s global websites were served by individual digital agencies, using different vendors and platforms, leading to a duplication of efforts. It was difficult to keep Sabra’s strong brand consistent and update/create new sites quickly. They wanted to deliver a consistent digital experience globally, with flexibility for international differences that would make the customer and employee experience easier no matter their location.

  • New functionality allows for better understanding of customer behaviors and adjustment to those behaviors across localities
  • Improved Time to Market gives Sabra the ability to spin up new and international markets in a matter of days vs. months
  • Flexibility to manage the website in-house saves tens of thousands of dollars per year


A comprehensive content strategy

CapTech partnered to develop comprehensive content strategy – and after looking at Sabra’s needs and challenges, we settled on using the BloomReach Experience platform. This platform, combined with their new content management strategy, allowed internal and external resources to quickly launch updated websites in new markets while maintaining brand consistency:

  • Updates and changes now happen in hours vs. weeks
  • Developed a seamless, manageable repository for adding and updating product and recipe information
  • Mobile-responsive site design
  • Ability to reuse content and structure across regional, multilingual sites.
  • Geo-location awareness to automatically redirect users to the appropriate site based on their location