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Modernizing and Scaling Systems Helps Meet Peak Demand

Like many companies, a Fortune 500 car retailer relies heavily on timely talent acquisition. The timeliness aspect is critical: in a given year, the company sells over a million cars nationwide, and to support its full operations, it sifts through over a quarter million applications to hire more than 10,000 associates annually. The car retailer also recruits seasonally to meet peak demand during the tax and holiday seasons.

To modernize and scale its systems to meet this volume, the company went live with Workday Recruiting at the start of 2019, just before the critical tax season hiring period. Soon after, several configuration and integration issues emerged because of the pressure testing that often comes with a production recruiting system.

To maximize returns on its new Workday Recruiting system, the company engaged CapTech to help stabilize the recruiting platform and produce a repeatable process to incorporate strategic feature uptakes.


To support the car retailer’s immediate needs during a critical hiring period, the CapTech team:

  • Created a suite of custom reports to identify integration failures in the application process.
  • Collaborated to categorize the various requests from the recruitment teams across the company, then delivered a roadmap that addressed issues based on severity and impact.
  • Executed the necessary configuration, providing delivery management throughout the entire process.
  • Organized system changes into sprints so that work could be easily tracked and complete.
  • Rebuilt a key integration to decrease candidate friction.


CapTech owned the entire Workday Recruiting Optimization, leading configuration design, integration testing, and project management. When CapTech first engaged with the car retailer, the goals were simple: right the ship and realize the investment the company had made in Workday. Through our collaboration, we achieved the following results:

  • Eliminated roadblocks in the application so candidates were able to go through the process with minimal intervention— freeing recruiters to focus on finding the best talent.
  • 4x Increase in candidate volume.
  • Reduced the number of associates in the Workday recruiting team focused on issue resolution from five full-time to two part-time employees.
  • Designed a recruiting process that enabled the company to identify and hire over 200 remote candidates across 37 states in the first half of 2021, a 20% increase in remote associates for the company enabling them to recruit top talent anywhere.

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