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Energy & Utilities


Welcome to the highly competitive, commercial energy marketplace, where technologies are advancing, consumers are becoming increasingly consumption conscious, and regulatory policies are constantly changing. In short, it’s an evolving landscape and in order to succeed, industry providers must evolve with it. Our client’s commercial customers, energy providers across Virginia and North Carolina, demand real-time rate usage data and rely on it in order to make more informed business decisions. Without data such as historical energy use, the company’s clients were unable to operate efficiently and profitably.


The key accounts management team of our Top 5 energy company client was not equipped to provide the kind of data that both existing and potential clients demand. In order to provide rate comparison information for their key commercial customers, the client referenced outdated spreadsheets and utilized multiple tools. Additionally, they did not have the ability to store historical information on client energy usage or create leave-behind reports for their clients. All of these challenges prevented them from being able to provide assistance to their commercial clients in predicting future rates. The process overall was inefficient, extremely labor intensive, and prone to potential, and costly, errors. It was not great or reliable customer service.


Utilizing .NETFramework, MVC, VUE.js, Azure Dev Ops, Oracle Database, and SQL, CapTech created a custom rate comparison web-based application that enables the company’s key accounts management team and customer service teams to help their commercial customers identify the optimal rate structure for their operations.


Upon conclusion of the project, CapTech delivered a user-friendly web-based app built specifically to meet the needs of the key accounts management team. The new app now provides our energy company client with efficient access to the data needed to properly support its commercial customers. It can:

  • Connect customer accounts and rate schedule data based on historical usage data which can then be used to predict usage and rate charges over a 12-month period.
  • Give employees the ability to access current electricity rates and riders in one easy-to-read internal website “rate board” and update rates in one central location through the web application user interface.
  • Empower the account team with the data they need to quote rates with greater accuracy and reduce errors.
  • Provide users with the ability to calculate a customer’s estimated bill on a different rate, based on the customer’s historical usage data.
  • Display and export an account’s electricity usage profile and a rate comparison report.
  • Compare multiple rates based on a customer’s historical usage and make a decision on the best path forward for their business.
  • Provide key accounts managers with a more personalized interaction, enhancing their clients' customer service experience.

Our energy client’s key accounts management and customer service teams can now more effectively meet the needs of their commercial customers with more robust data, fewer errors, and an enhanced ability to predict usage data and rates.