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Matt Comer

Fellow, Systems Integration

Matt Comer

Joined CapTech /

Based in /
Richmond, VA

Matt is driven to find solutions. As a systems integration fellow, he spends much of his time behind-the-scenes – teaching, coaching, sharing his knowledge, and guiding teams to identify and implement the right technical solutions for clients across multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services, consumer goods and retail, and government.

While an acknowledged Subject Matter Expert and natural teacher, Matt is also a continuous learner who appreciates a good Lunch and Learn. It’s his nature to be always questioning, constantly acquiring new certifications, and challenging the status quo.

For him, there’s nothing better than creating a solution, turning it over to a client, and seeing that client succeed.

More About Matt

Alma Mater /

Georgia Tech, BS, Industrial Engineering

Did You Know? /

Matt attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point for two years before leaving to pursue a degree in industrial engineering at Georgia Tech. He’s a two-time IRONMAN triathlete, and until recently, was a 15-year volunteer auxiliary sergeant for his local county police department. He and his wife are also the proud grandparents of seven grandkids.