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Financial Services

In today’s highly dynamic financial services environment, organizations face numerous business challenges from complex regulatory requirements to evolving business models. Businesses look to transform and strengthen their internal operations through process optimization, technology platform consolidation and data-driven decision making.

Since the firm’s beginnings, CapTech has served the financial services sector. We lead and manage our clients’ business transformation and integration programs across consumer lending, credit card, property and casualty insurance, mortgage, treasury management, branch and deposit operations, and retail brokerage businesses as well as horizontals such as call center and back office operations.

CapTech management consultants define, manage and execute business strategies through an established problem-solving methodology of comprehensive assessments, detailed financial analyses and rigorous delivery. When clients require new or modified technology to implement their business strategies, they look to CapTech’s Systems Integration consultants to set technical direction, engineer standards-based solutions and implement them.


Today, government is increasingly asked to keep pace with the web-based customer service experience provided by the private sector, and to do more—to reduce operational costs, streamline processes and serve more citizens. CapTech meets these new demands with a range of consulting services for process modernization through advanced technology. In addition, CapTech has helped numerous government clients deal with the challenges of reduced tax revenues, a retiring workforce and increased enterprise risk.

Whether supporting our clients through a comprehensive, strategic IT plan or designing, developing, and deploying custom mission-critical applications, CapTech has the proven ability to deliver results. We offer a full suite of services to government agencies including IT management consulting, systems integration and data management.

From our DC office, we support several federal clients and from our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, we are well positioned to support state initiatives.


CapTech has a proven track record of success in the healthcare industry. Clients include national health insurers, healthcare providers, disease management firms, regional health systems and health IT vendors. For more than 12 years, CapTech’s healthcare expertise has translated into a competitive advantage that challenges national consulting firms in terms of quality, cost and commitment.

Our value proposition is to provide world-class leadership, project management and technical skill to deliver results that satisfy clients’ complex needs and exceed their expectations. Our more traditional consulting role allows us to become a trusted advisor for healthcare organizations.

We combine our expertise gained from a decade of successful technology engagements with Fortune 500 companies in all industries with deep healthcare vertical knowledge to create robust, pragmatic solutions to the challenges facing healthcare organizations.