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Articles March 1, 2024

2024 Tech Trends: Intelligent Experiences and the Elements They’re Built On


There was a time when customizing an experience based on a customer’s past actions was the peak of personalization. But today’s customers now live in a world of instantly accessible, real-time data. They expect something a good deal more intelligent, and with recent advancements in AI and data analytics, companies now have all the tools at their disposal to answer the call.

Intelligent experiences leverage AI, customer data, and other advancing technologies to understand, shape, and optimize the customer journey to a level never before seen. It’s a new era of customer experience that anticipates customer needs, personalizes every interaction, and drives unprecedented operational efficiency.

See below for a few highlights from our 2024 Tech Trends and click the link to read the full report.

Download the 2024 Tech Trends

Executive Summary

Looking throughout 2024, CapTech predicts a broader investment into intelligent experiences across industries, with a focus on the three elements that make up an intelligent experience: Data-Rich Foundations, Innovation Enablers, and a Customer-First Philosophy.

While part of the purpose of an intelligent experience is to simplify the customer journey, the mechanisms behind these experiences are decidedly not so simple, involving an intricate orchestration between several technologies and methodologies. To support this orchestration, we expect companies to continue accelerating investments in powerful, data-rich foundations upon which to build and innovate.

  • Make Your Data Actionable to Unlock Powerful Insights
  • Optimize Your Cloud for Serverless Freedom
  • Follow an End-to-End Product Development Framework for Go-to-Market Success

Fresh ideas and innovative concepts propel intelligent experiences forward, and innovation thrives when people have the space and the tools to think big. To guide the innovation process and ensure it is fruitful, organizations must enable their people to unleash their full creative potential.

  • Conduct Innovation Sprints to Create New Ideas Quickly
  • Identify AI Opportunities to Enhance the Experience

What the “intelligent” part of an intelligent experience really means is that it puts the customer first by delivering on everything they expect from that experience and more. This makes every interaction frictionless, seamlessly guiding the customer toward their goal while anticipating any questions, issues, or opportunities that might arise along the way. As the intelligent experience wave continues to rise, companies will double down on the processes that fuel this philosophy and the frictionless build-ins that bring it to life.

  • Use a Customer 360 Strategy to Deepen Personalization
  • Implement Conversational Technology for Frictionless Assistance
  • Pick Winning Build-Ins that Customers Expect

Customers Want Intelligent Experiences

While many customers have valid concerns about AI such as misinformation and security, data shows that they still express a strong preference for technologies that use AI to provide convenience, personalization, and efficiency.

CapTech’s consumer survey found that 36% of respondents are more likely to engage with a company if it uses AI-driven algorithms to provide personalized recommendations, and only 13% say they would be less likely to engage. Furthermore, a combined total of 64% of respondents place importance on innovation when selecting digital products, reflecting a substantial customer preference for modern conveniences and advanced features in their technology choices.

Clearly, customers value intelligent experiences, and with a data-rich foundation on which to build, enablers with which to innovate, and a customer-first philosophy focused on meeting customers’ frictionless expectations, brands can create intelligent experiences that understand and deliver exactly what customers want. To read our full 2024 Consumer Survey, download the report below.

Download the 2024 Tech Trends Report

Bree Basham

Bree Basham

Principal, CX Practice Area Lead

Bree leads our Customer Experience practice, creating digital strategies and solutions using modern technologies to deliver meaningful and measurable experiences for our customers. She has served as a Creative Director for many omnichannel experiences within the retail space, as well as for a number of other industries that CapTech serves.

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Brian Bischoff

Principal, Practice Areas & Services

Brian leads our business strategy for our practice areas and is a thought leader in digital strategy. He provides an objective perspective through the strategic analysis of current technology trends and designs and builds great experiences for our clients.

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Vinnie Schoenfelder

Principal, CTO

Vinnie is a Principal at CapTech and plays a large role in helping define services, forge partnerships, and lead innovation for our clients. As a thought leader, he regularly helps clients solve their most complex business challenges.

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