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Articles May 16, 2016

5 Ways Modern Data Governance Will Make Your Organization More Productive

Ben Harden

Data governance has been undervalued by some data scientists, who view it as a hindrance to gaining business insights. 

However, in our enterprise data and analytics work with clients across diverse industries we’ve found that lack of sound data governance prevents organizations from realizing the full value of data.

A well-managed data governance program keeps your data scientists doing what they do best – finding insight – by providing what they need in order to remain focused on delivering business value.  My recent white paper will uncover the five ways that modern data governance can make your organization more productive and illustrates best practices for modern data governance. 

Download the full white paper to learn more about why:

  1. Good business metadata is good for the business
  2. Effective schema management saves time and money, especially in a big data environment
  3. Good data quality and profiling can accelerate time to insight
  4. Data lineage can help keep you from getting sued or fired
  5. Models and analyses will run right in production

To download and read the full white paper click here.