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Articles March 15, 2016

CapTech vs. Offshore


CapTech’s small, nimble Agile team worked side-by-side with a  significantly larger offshore team on a website design/build project. 

CapTech consultants had higher hourly rates, but the CapTech Agile team’s delivery costs were 64% lower than the larger offshore team. In other words, the CapTech team was able to deliver more value with fewer resources at a lower overall cost. 

Not only was CapTech a better value, the team also delivered more predictable results as evidenced by the steady delivery velocity from sprint to sprint. As a result, the company decided to replace all offshore team members with a senior CapTech architect and to extend the CapTech team for the life of the project. CapTech also provided the company with a fixed-price-per-point model that guaranteed the company a certain velocity target for each sprint, while the offshore team was not able to make any such guarantee.

To download and read the full white paper click here.