States are reopening at different rates and in different ways but a few things remain constant: Social distancing is still imperative and organizations need to get creative about how they meet demand while prioritizing the health and safety of their employees and customers. During this extraordinary time, financial institutions, retail businesses and public service agencies can benefit from ​queuing and reservation tools that integrate directly with their business activities. ​

The COVID-19 pandemic will leave a lasting mark as people are forced to approach their day-to-day lives differently, but some things will remain top of mind - especially where better time, efficiency and convenience are concerned. Virtual queuing may be one change that is here to stay, especially as this functionality, coupled with future enhancements, could create new engagement opportunities with customers.​

Learn About Virtual Queuing

The Queueing Experience

Whether this is a short or long-term need, customers are looking for solutions that simplify new, often burdensome processes. Transparency, communication and the ability for customers to manage how they work with an organization are essential to maintaining and serving relationships.​ A lightweight queuing solution can be developed and launched in less than three weeks. This custom-branded application includes:

  • Option to schedule appointments without having to be on-location
  • Location specific, touchless check-in by scanning a QR code at the entrance​ and/or harnessing geofencing technology
  • Known customer position in the queue 
  • Use of first name for personalized experience, just like in-person banking​
  • Reminders of materials customer needs for their appointment 
  • Tips for brand reinforcement while customers wait​
  • Text-based notifications when user is next in line and ready for entry​
  • Customizable time-based intervals​
  • Back-end interface allows bank employees to manage the queue​

See How The VA DMV Does Virtual Queueing

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Adam Hofheimer

Adam Hofheimer


Adam established and leads CapTech’s Government Solutions practice. In this role, he provides innovative solutions to CapTech’s national suite of State and Local Government clients, with an emphasis on enhancing the citizen and business interaction model with government, eliminating fraud waste and abuse from state healthcare programs, and creating paperless administrative dispute management systems.

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