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Effective Remote Daily Standups

People working from home have now had several months to see what working remotely 100% of the time is like. For teams that are co-located, having to suddenly go from an in-person standup to a fully remote standup can throw even the most well-oiled team off balance. How does a team get its groove back? And if stand ups and working from home are both new, how does a team find their groove amidst so much newness? 

How can teams already doing stand ups together prior to the global pandemic ensure that they do not lose momentum while shifting to a new working model?

For the teams that are new to both working remotely and doing standups, how do they learn and successfully establish good habits and behaviors that are sustainable and valuable long term?

In this podcast, agile experts discuss best practices and concrete steps for create a meeting dynamic that is as close to in-person as possible while overcoming impediments and ensuring follow-through.

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In your daily stand ups, be intentional and purposeful about team engagement. This may allow you to give your team uninterrupted working time later in the day, improving velocity and delivery. Leverage this time to connect just like you would in-person while prioritizing collaboration and issue resolution. Embrace the opportunity to experiment, test and learn – best practices are a guide but you should flex based on your unique team dynamics.


Consider rotating facilitators because it lets individuals experience what it's like to lead the team and is a great learning opportunity. Facilitation is difficult, it's actually one of the most unsung heroisms on a team. So, it lets people get more comfortable with being uncomfortable. This fosters individual career growth and sets up the team for lasting success.

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Karen Rodd

Karen Rodd

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