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State & Local Governments: Weathering the Storm is Not an Option

How can state agencies improve systems and services during the massive change and constraints brought on by COVID-19? This podcast features insights from Adam Hofheimer, CapTech’s state government practice lead and Dr. David Sprick, an operations administrator with the Kansas Department of Labor’s Division of Workers’ Compensation. They tackle key issues around people management, scheduling and queuing of in-person activities, creating efficiencies, and opportunities for innovation. All of these things now need to be addressed with even more urgency than before, with additional levels of complexity. But there are some best practices that can help state agency leaders address critical issues now and scale for the future. This podcast was also recorded live, in-person and socially distanced. Listen to the podcast below, or click here to watch the video.

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Episode Highlights

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Learning from the Pandemic

“This is a remote experiment. Let's treat it as such, let's document it, let's learn from it. And I think doing things like this, talking to you about it, is in that same similar spirit that we can learn from these things because … we're going to have to do business differently in government to be safe.”

– Dr. David Sprick
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Thinking Differently

“You’ll see the agencies that have spent the time and modernized who have probably been able to weather this pandemic storm a little better than the ones that didn't modernize and thought that they can always push the can down the road. When you're in a time of crisis, like the pandemic and COVID-19 has created, you actually need to think differently and creatively. It's sort of like thinking like businesses – the ones that have innovated really well and transformed their organizations and transformed their business models.”

– Adam Hofheimer
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Creating Efficiencies

“Create new efficient mechanisms for bringing new revenue into your state as much as you can, as well as cutting the bottom line as much as you can. And sometimes you can do those together with really innovative projects.”

– Adam Hofheimer
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Innovating with Payments

“Most government agencies are on a lag. So, you're paying once a year, every quarter, like for unemployment, and then you get the service later on. But I think the greatest sort of low hanging fruit for innovation are those where there’s transferability – the business sector. If you do hike, or if you fish, if you want to go to the national park – that should be mobile friendly."

– Dr. David Sprick
Adam Hofheimer

Adam Hofheimer

Principal, Lead for Healthcare and Public Services

Adam co-leads CapTech’s healthcare and public services portfolios, supporting strategy, relationship and business development. His deep technical experience and industry expertise drive solutions and growth for our clients.