Case Study

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A firm that provides business intelligence and analytics tools to healthcare organizations wanted to expand the power of its offerings. CapTech was engaged to create additional key performance indicators (KPIs) that provider organizations could use in comparing their performance against benchmarks and against other providers. CapTech delivered 68 additional KPIs and five new dashboards, helping the company increase its customer base by 20%.  

Business Case

A company that provides business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools to healthcare organizations wanted to expand its customer base. The company’s solutions enable healthcare providers to gain insights into their own performance through a variety of metrics and KPIs that deal with finance, operations, clinical care, and other areas of operation. Most of the company’s customers are multi-office outpatient specialty groups that use the information to improve performance, reduce costs, and identify non-compliant areas. To attract new customers, the client sought to develop additional metrics, KPIs, and dashboards. Given time constraints and a lack of technical resources, the client chose CapTech over a previous consultant to support the project. 

Top initiatives for this project included:

• Enhance current data warehouse architecture to support new patient survey data and provider specialties
• Create extract, transform, and load (ETL) packages to load newly acquired data
• Identify and develop KPIs to support new benchmarking initiatives
• Enable customization related to goals and score-weighting based on customers’ specifications
• Develop interactive dashboards allowing customers to compare providers based upon specialty or location 
• Provide the ability to compare the customer’s performance against other customers’ performance


• Created data warehouse model for patient-reported outcomes
• Created SSIS packages to load patient-reported outcomes
• Updated existing SSIS package to populate provider specialty and subspecialty attributes
• Created measures to support operational, provider and patient-reported outcomes metrics.
• Provided ability to set dynamic KPI goals, based upon each client’s unique requirements, in SSAS
• Provided ability to set score weighting, based upon each client’s unique requirements, in SSAS
• Created interactive benchmarking dashboards to allow end-users to compare metrics by specialty, provider, and location, both internally and across external organizations


• Created 108 new measures and 60 new KPIs, giving end-users a more granular and detailed view of provider performance
• Delivered five new benchmark dashboards that provide easy-to-digest summaries of critical performance data
• Increased the customer base by 20%
• Enabled creation of dynamic KPIs based upon provider requirements and by taking an average across all providers
• Recommended a security framework that will sustain future growth
• Recommended infrastructure changes that will enable developers to update and improve company solutions more efficiently and quickly

Tools & Methodologies

• Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Database
• Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
• Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
• Performance Point Dashboard Designer 2010
Agile Project Management Methodology