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Fortune 500 Financial Services Group


Financial Services


A Fortune 500 financial services group grew to a large agile delivery operation with roughly 110 teams encompassing more than 2,000 staff. They needed to scale their processes to optimize delivery. They wanted to implement a more complete agile transformation to maximize their investment in software delivery and associate technology solutions. Our client needed to produce strong training and awareness to increase executive engagement and improve front-line delivery execution.

  • Created tighter alignment between business and technology with more frequent feedback loops to maximize technology investment
  • Revamped company budgeting model to streamline business, eliminating $1M overhead previously associated with cost accounting model
  • Eliminated duplicative roles and meetings, reducing work overlap while also creating additional delivery capacity with re-purposed staff
  • Reduced staffing churn and increased solution delivery velocity and reliability
  • Expanded quality processes and techniques with increased practice of continuous integration, and a shift from manual to automated testing

$1 Million

Overhead Eliminated

Scaling for Success

We partnered with our client to develop a transformation roadmap connecting theory to practice accompanied by major milestones to help them achieve their goals. We also established portfolio and program practices in alignment with true SAFe framework. To achieve consistent sustained value delivery, training, coaching, and iterative improvement, common processes were established within each business unit. Finally, to make a full organizational transformation a reality, employees at the executive-level through front-line staff were trained, coached and mentored throughout the change process.

Additionally, we partnered with agile leadership to advise on how to structure and support an agile center of excellence for internal sustainability and an extensible agile coaching model.