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Video Game Publisher


A multibillion-dollar, international video game publisher needed to measure the financial success of each game. To do that, they required structured data, metrics, and customer segmentation information. To streamline decision-making, they wanted to create a centralized data warehouse, analytical metrics, and a reporting system.


The new analytical metrics enable business stakeholders to:

  • Make more informed decisions on how to procure in-game content, provide offers to aid in retention, and optimize pricing for in-game currencies.
  • Rapidly accelerate their ability to address analytical requests.
  • Reduce request times — in some cases from weeks to seconds
  • Enable hundreds of new metrics around game activity and conversion, e.g., customer gameplay behavior at any moment in time, and in-game currency conversion and purchase behavior.

Game On

We partnered to:

  • Define and implement a new analytics team
  • Capture analytical use cases
  • Implement new data integration processes on existing game data
  • Design and implement a champion data model for analytics and reporting
  • Develop various reports and dashboards using the newly-ingested data and champion model

These tasks were completed with the ultimate goal of answering business questions including, “what is the impact to sales based off changes to prices or promotions; what profit margins and effective cost-per-in-game-currency exist across current assets; how does revenue measure against forecast; and how much should be spent on new games or in-game content?”

The Nuts and Bolts

The new reporting platform, enterprise data warehouse, and data model provided the client over 100 new customizable visualizations to the business and its studios. This platform now serves over 100 users across the client organization and its studios.

The data model integrated data sets and stored the data in a maintainable format, enabling other analysts and marketers to quickly extract data feeds for their own use cases.