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Public Transportation Agency


A large transportation agency wanted to update their ecommerce website, which was built on older technology and couldn’t scale as their traffic increased. The agency’s IT team wanted to implement a new website infrastructure using Amazon Web Services and to develop recovery capabilities, so that if servers failed, new servers could be brought online quickly. The IT team recognized that it would benefit from an automated, controlled, and tested solution that would support version control while increasing reliability, speed, and efficiency.

  • The agency’s infrastructure can be managed and scaled as the business grows.
  • The DevOps approach to the project allowed the agency to continuously make improvements to the website without disrupting customers.
  • By reducing the IT management requirements to an automated source control-based solution, the agency saves both time and money.
  • New processes allow the agency to deploy changes to web infrastructure quickly.
  • New features and code changes can be pushed out to all clients at once increasing efficiency and speed.
  • Test scripts allow the agency to test different scenarios quickly, determining the potential impact of various loads on the system.