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Studies show that one of the best ways to protect young drivers is for parents to model, monitor and enforce safe driving practices, however, few parents are trained to teach their children to drive. As part of their injury prevention initiatives, Shepherd Center, a world-renowned rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta wanted to bridge that gap with a mobile app that helps parents teach their teens to drive safely.


The new app combines the best in educational content and driving-log accuracy with an attractive design that will help prevent future injuries. It’s an experience that guides parents through the entire driver education process while meeting driver-license requirements in all 50 states.

AutoCoach engages parents in the driver education process and minimizes costs and maintenance for the not-for-profit Shepherd Center. The cloud-based content management system enables Shepherd Center staff to quickly edit and publish application updates, including new content, videos, data and images.

Feature Rich

We partnered with Shepard Center on the AutoCoach app’s user experience design, mobile & cloud development, and visual design and development for the AutoCoach app.

The final product includes a customizable parent-teen agreement; a graduated driver’s licensing quiz that can be varied by state; distraction notifications; a driving log; and a 10-chapter curriculum based on best practices. It also records the dates and times agreements are accepted between the parent and teenage driver; the driving lessons’ start and end; and the completion of curriculum modules.

AutoCoach also tracks night-driving hours, a prerequisite for obtaining a Georgia driver’s license. Users can record the time and duration of a drive, as well as the lighting and weather conditions. To limit distractions in the car, the app also instructs the user how to enable airplane mode.