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Accelerating Innovation Across Global Hospitality and Travel Brands

From business to leisure, the hospitality industry is seeing a resurgence as travelers take to their destinations with the expectation of luxury and the comforts of home. To realize these needs, forward-thinking leaders in hospitality and travel are adopting technologies that help ensure a seamless and personalized experience. Offering business executives and vacationers a technology-empowered experience boosts customer satisfaction, engagement, and ultimately, brand loyalty.

CapTech works with the world’s top hospitality, transportation, and tourism brands to make these technology transformations possible. We’re helping hotel brands, their franchise owners, and major airlines improve systems integrations, create new applications, and make data actionable while supporting and reflecting brand standards, increasing revenue, and providing travelers with a frictionless and adapted experience.

CapTech enables hospitality industry leaders to deliver across a variety of strategic technology challenges including:

Mobile Engineering

Travelers want digital access and connection right in the palm of their hand. CapTech is re-architecting and engineering mobile applications for market-leading rewards and loyalty programs along with building foundational apps for iOS and Android, making customer interactions available anytime, anywhere.

Product Management

We empower hospitality associates with the technology necessary to elevate the guest experience. CapTech is expanding mobile, web, and on-site digital product strategy with business and engineering teams to build products that drive conversion rates and revenue.

Custom Software & Systems

Top-tier hospitality clients need a digital medium to update and distribute information across user groups. CapTech’s engineering teams provide personalized solutions by leading and supporting critical enterprise technology initiatives via platforms such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and AWS.

Customer Experience

We enrich the customer experience with easy-to-navigate and accessible interfaces to reach new audiences and increase customer loyalty. CapTech creates, refines, and enhances digital experiences that drive customer engagement and trust.

Agile Transformation

We enable brands and owners to utilize tools and customized content across the entire brand ecosystem. CapTech’s enterprise, portfolio, and team-level agile coaches and training experts enable the adoption of standards and tailor-made Agile methodologies.

Data & Analytics

Hospitality brands and their franchise owners rely on timely and accurate data to successfully manage portfolios of properties. CapTech’s data engineering, data visualization, and advanced analytics offerings help brands realize cost efficiencies and create competitive advantages in highly competitive hospitality markets.

Client Success Spotlight

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, hotel franchises offer a unique business model that allows entrepreneurs to establish their own hotels, while benefiting from a recognized brand name and the hotel’s existing systems. However, the success of a franchise heavily relies on efficient operations and seamless communication between the franchisor and franchisees throughout the entire process of opening and running a franchise.

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Christine Misleh

Christine Misleh

Principal, Hospitality & Travel and Sports & Entertainment Portfolio Lead

Christine has more than 20 years of consulting experience and nearly a decade of hospitality and travel experience. With an emphasis on cultivating the franchisee experience, she has played a pivotal role in transforming operational landscapes for leading global hospitality and travel organizations. Her strategic insights have facilitated the creation of holistic, end-to-end solutions that address every facet of the franchisee lifecycle, propelling franchisees toward unprecedented levels of success and brand satisfaction. As a member of the Board of Advisors for Virginia Tech’s Hotel and Tourism Department, Christine stands poised to help clients thrive in the new era of hospitality and travel.

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Kevin Keogh

Managing Director

As a Senior Account Executive, Kevin leads CapTech teams in delivering a wide spectrum of solutions for global hospitality and travel organizations. He partners with clients to shape initiatives that delight guests, streamline owner processes, and optimize internal execution. Kevin draws on two decades of technology consulting experience to lead innovation teams that are fusing Artificial Intelligence with modern design to deliver real world value for hotels, airlines, and their customers. Prior to focusing on hospitality and travel, Kevin's consulting journey spanned key leadership roles across multiple industries.