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Power Business Value Through Data and Technology

Supply Chain, Distribution, and Logistics companies find themselves at the center of multiple “once-in-a-lifetime” inflection points – the drive to net zero, reshoring and localization of supply chains, and artificial intelligence (AI) entering the mainstream. Yet at the same time these organizations face major constraints resulting from aging infrastructure, significant workforce shortages, and legacy technology. The good news is that it’s possible to embrace these evolutionary opportunities while mitigating current challenges through targeted investments in data and technology.

CapTech helps Supply Chain, Distribution, and Logistics companies develop and execute technology strategies that deliver an increased return on investment. Whether it’s driving business improvement through predictive analytics and machine learning, creating cost efficiencies through automation and AI, leveraging key customer experience principles to capture more revenue, or increasing resiliency and flexibility through legacy application modernization and cloud optimization, we focus on creating real business value for our clients. 

As technologies rapidly evolve, we partner with our clients to navigate changes and leverage new solutions.

Modern Data Architecture

We design and build modern data architectures using scalable cloud technologies that bring together data from disparate sources and make it easily accessible for decision-makers.

Advanced Analytics

We use data and advanced analytics to discover deeper insights, make predictions, and generate recommendations that enable our clients to make smart data-driven decisions

Cloud Migration & Optimization

We help clients derive maximum value from their cloud strategy, using it to enhance security, scalability, and flexibility, while reducing cost and maintenance.

Legacy Technology Modernization

We evaluate legacy technologies and help our clients define and build modern solutions that fit their needs and position them to obtain their business objectives.

Customer Experience

We help clients leverage innovation to meet evolving customer needs and deliver human-focused solutions that deepen the customer relationship and foster customer loyalty.

Automation & AI

We leverage automation tools to streamline business processes and optimize performance. This enables our clients to focus their resources on creating business value.

Client Success Spotlight

Hyperautomation and AI Improve Service Delivery at a Time-Critical Logistics Company

A time-critical logistics company relies on efficiency to provide expedited transportation solutions for urgent and time-sensitive shipments. With the goal of meeting crucial deadlines, improving customer experience, and preparing for future growth, the logistics company partnered with CapTech to implement a suite of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to streamline business processes and unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency. Following an in-depth assessment, CapTech delivered solutions that significantly reduce manual work, improve customer retention, enhance mobile app capabilities for drivers and dispatchers, and increase speed to market.

    Michelle Meyer

    Michelle Meyer

    Managing Director

    As a Managing Director, Michelle serves clients within Supply Chain, Distribution and Logistics. Leveraging her understanding of industry-specific challenges and technology and data-driven solutions, she guides clients to use innovative IT and digital strategies which enable operational efficiency and business growth.

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    Paul Johnson


    With over twenty years of expertise in supply chain and logistics technology, Paul pioneers strategy and technological advancement for a diverse array of clients deeply entrenched in supply chain and logistics operations. He delves into industry nuances to devise tailored technology solutions that yield substantial returns on investment.