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News March 9, 2018

CapTechers spend the Day Repairing House in Richmond


CapTechers from Richmond volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

A group of seven CapTechers got together early March 2, 2018 to work on a Habitat for Humanity project in the Maymont neighborhood of Richmond, VA. Many of the government's rent-to-own properties had foreclosed years ago in this area and were boarded up immediately. Now, Habitat for Humanity is teaming up with local volunteers, like these CapTechers, to gut and renovate these single-family homes. This initiative plans to give new life to this wonderful neighborhood, and provide families in need with interest-free housing.

Our CapTech team was led by Cary, construction veteran and Habitat for Humanity staffer. His instructions were clear: "Get to work and have some fun while you're at it." The main task for the seven person CapTech team was to put siding on a new part of the house and the shed.

CapTechers sawing wood volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

Jeannette Brown of the Richmond CapTech office who organized the group said of the project, "Throughout the day, CapTech's core values were on clear display. We engaged with one another, solved problems as a team, learned new skills, expanded our vernacular and contributed to the betterment of our community, all while having a blast together."

If you would like to learn more about Habitat for Humanity, or if you would like to volunteer, click here.