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CapTech and Camunda

Where processes drive business. 

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, efficiency, agility, and control over processes are paramount. As a Camunda partner, CapTech is helping our clients achieve their digital transformation goals by harnessing Camunda's comprehensive suite of tools to model, execute, monitor, and optimize business-critical processes.

Why Companies Need Process Management Strategies​

Revenue Growth

Streamlining operations and optimizing resource allocation can lead to increased efficiency and revenue growth.​

Cost Reductions

By identifying inefficiencies and optimizing workflows, a BPM strategy can reduce operations costs and improve utilization.​

Compliance & Risk Management

Ensures consistent adherence to regulations and protocols, minimizing breaches and enhancing frameworks.​

Productivity Improvements

Streamlining processes, eliminating bottlenecks, and standardizing procedures can drive substantial productivity improvements.​

Improved Customer Experience

Optimizing customer-facing processes and ensuring personalized interactions can elevate the customer experience and foster loyalty.​

Transformation & Innovation Agility

Fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability can empower companies to embrace transformative change and drive innovation.​

Tie Strategy to Execution

Aligns organizational goals with actionable processes, seamlessly bridging the gap between strategic intent and effective execution.​

Digital Transformation

Through the integration of technologies and processes, a BPM strategy can be the catalyst to comprehensive transformation across an organization.​

Client Success Spotlights

Redefining Business Workflows in Manufacturing 

CapTech was tasked with unifying and integrating several disparate systems for a leading manufacturer. The scope included consolidating four legacy systems and business processes to create a user-friendly and streamlined experience that is easy to learn, reduces system training time, and is configurable for all current and future products. 


  • Leveraged AWS and Camunda services to redefine business workflows, reduce overhead cost, and enable business users to own and update processes.
  • Created a flexible framework for product configuration to improve go to market times for new product lines. 
  • Created an easy-to-use interface with embedded training to facilitate faster ramp up of seasonal workers and improve cross-training opportunities for better daily coverage.

Efficient and Scalable Processes in Financial Services 

CapTech partnered with an investment management firm to analyze its inefficient and disorganized operational processes, working to uncover bottlenecks and redundancies that had impeded productivity. The firm’s existing business process management software was unable to scale with its growing demands and lacked portability and a user-friendly interface. CapTech created a proof of concept (POC) solution that offered flexibility, scalability, and the freedom to build applications outside of the client’s existing platform. 


  • The POC laid the foundation for a larger transformation and build of the platform and workflows using Camunda, AWS, .NET, and other integrated services. 
  • The platform offers scalability, low cost and a low learning curve, availability for business and product owners, and extensibility.

CapTech & Camunda


CapTech Announces Partnership with Camunda

CapTech announced a strategic partnership with Camunda, the industry-leading platform for process orchestration. This collaboration will enable CapTech to further empower businesses to automate critical processes, improve efficiency, and achieve digital transformation goals.