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An Enriching Program for Recent Graduates

CapTech’s Discovery Program is designed to successfully onboard college graduates into the technology consulting world over the course of 12 months. This engaging program provides new graduates with the necessary tools and resources to support their transition from college to the corporate world.

Discover work you love

Graduate hires receive in-depth training to strengthen skills within their practice areas, and we also provide cross-training programs that allow for exposure to our other practices areas and specialties.

Optimize your growth

Our goal is to be the #1 firm for new college hires. Graduate hires receive access to personalized coaching opportunities, competency workshops, and continued onboarding to ensure a successful start to their careers.

Build great relationships

Our core values drive everything we do and ensure every CapTecher feels connected. CapTechers enjoy social events, community volunteering, internal initiative opportunities, and participating in our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Discovery Program Phases

The Discovery Program, created exclusively for college graduates, consists of three phases over the course of the first 12 months at CapTech. Everyone starts together in Bootcamp, and from there, the Bridge and Build phase experience can be a bit different for everyone depending on client project staffing. Our Learning and Development team runs the program and serves as a guide through all phases as new hires participate in everything the program offers.


Our three-week Bootcamp helps to onboard and prepare our new college hires for their first project as a consultant. This experience includes a robust project that will challenge hires to collaborate as a team, introduce new technical tools, and improve the soft skills necessary to be successful as a CapTech consultant. Support from fellow employees such as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), coaches, and client stakeholders provides the mentorship needed to accelerate learning and drive internal connections. 


The Bridge portion of the Discovery Program is set in place to guarantee that the first bench experience is a fulfilling one. The bench is a holding place between client engagements in which our consultants wait to be paired with a new project. For our new graduate hires, we call it the Bridge. The Bridge can be tailored to personal goals and our new hires can choose to spend their time completing cross-training, obtaining certifications, exploring workshops, and internal projects. All these opportunities help new college hires gain hands-on experience to refine skills and specialties.


The Build portion of the Discovery Program begins when new graduates have been staffed on their first client project. After completing the Bootcamp and Bridge programs, they are ready to tackle challenging work as a technology consultant. Additional onboarding sessions still take place during the Build portion of the program, and we encourage our college hires to get involved as all offerings strengthen their path forward in their career at CapTech. 

“The Discovery Program has been an enriching experience in helping me understand what it's like to work in a team of consultants for a client project. It has also introduced me to so many great resources and support systems here at CapTech. I'm really grateful to be a part of it, and I'm certain that any future participants will enjoy it as well.”

— Samreen Azam
Associate Consultant


Is Bootcamp in-person or virtual? 

Bootcamp is held in person in the Richmond, VA office. Housing is covered and organized by CapTech for participants not based in Richmond.

Does Bootcamp start my CapTech employment?

Yes! Your first day as a full-time employee will be your first day of Bootcamp.

Are new skills or knowledge required for Bootcamp?

No, our new hires are not expected to do any prerequisite work (post-graduation) prior to starting Bootcamp.

What happens after Bootcamp?

After your onsite Bootcamp, you will complete the remaining Discovery Program phases, Bridge and Build, from the CapTech office location to which you were hired.

Can I participate in CapTech activities or groups during the Discovery Program?

Absolutely! We encourage you to get involved in Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) initiatives, Employee Resources Groups (ERGs), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities such as volunteer opportunities.

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