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Articles August 18, 2023

Market Pulse: Summer 2023

AI and Brand Loyalty

Summer 2023 

Brands and retailers are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to optimize business operations and enhance customer experiences. AI has the opportunity to unlock new internal processes within demand forecasting, allocation, and pricing. It can be leveraged externally to create unique and meaningful interactions and experiences that strengthen retailers' ability to expand their customer base and build brand loyalty.

Many organizations have not had the opportunity to develop their AI policies, but we believe having these policies in place will help determine the use and productivity AI as capabilities expand in the coming years.

Regardless of where a Retail organization is within its AI journey, here are some use cases that CapTech has evaluated. Several major brands are successfully using AI to drive insights, boost revenue, and keep their customer base brand faithful.

  • Papa John’s® leveraged AI to deliver more personalized experiences and product recommendations. Utilizing AI with data and analytics tools is enabling accelerated insights leading to increased sales.
  • Wendy’s® launched an AI-powered chatbot, built to capture drive-through orders and reduce customer wait times in line. A key component of the successful AI chatbot ensured that custom trade names, products, and taglines were customized and built into the functionality.
  • The North Face®  helps customers find the perfect coat by asking its customers questions about where they’ll wear the coat and what they will be doing. By asking these questions and gathering additional data points, Northface is able to make personalized product recommendations to leave customers satisfied with their purchase.
  • Amazon® takes seamless shopping to another level, leveraging AI to power its Amazon Go Stores. Customers can walk into a store and grab what they want without ever having to interact with a cashier. Sensors and cameras track purchases and charge the customer’s Amazon account upon exiting.

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