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Articles May 26, 2016

Onshore/ Nearshore Services: Thrive In The Age Of The Customer


Selecting the right partner for your company's digital transformation. 

Enterprises in the US are turning to third-party vendors not only for support and development within their existing technologies, but also progressively more for the design and execution of innovative digital transformation projects - projects that, in the “Age of the Customer,” can define and reposition a business for better or worse and for years to come. Digital change is measured in months, not years, making speed to market critical to competitive positioning and the success of a customer engagement project. Additionally, digital transformation is not just a shiny layer sitting outside your business, it is integrated with every layer of the business. Organizations are responding by moving to iterative product launch, agile transformation, and improved business process management.

We have long believed that digital transformation projects were more effective and had lower cost of ownership onshore. Agile increasingly provides measurement tools that confirm our belief. Conversely, project failures, project delays, escalating total costs, and security concerns are leading US companies to bring their offshore projects back to US partners. But which projects are best served onshore? CapTech recently commissioned a research study conducted by Forrester Consulting, Onshore/Nearshore Services Thrive in the Age of the Customer, released on May 30, 2016, that revealed companies are finding digital transformation projects grounded in agile development and good architecture have higher success rates and lower total cost.

We invite you to read the full study here.

View the infographic here.