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Blog February 1, 2018

2018 Leadership Q&A | Columbus Office Lead Rick Ainsworth

Rick Ainsworth

rick ainsworthWhat are you most excited about as we go into 2018?

"The first is our team. We're a small office of about 15 right now, but we have excellent people. We're set up to grow, and we're doing it around a nucleus of highly skilled individuals who care a lot about each other. The second thing is that Columbus is just booming right now; between the State of Ohio and corporate opportunities, we have a diverse mix of prospects and opportunities. Between those two things, we're set up really nicely for CapTech to have a big next several years in Columbus and beyond."

How is your office a community partner?

"It comes from the culture and the personality of the office-we are collectively wired to get involved with our community. We have charitable causes we support like the Mid-Ohio High Foodbank; and at any given time, we try to have one active pro bono project. Our most recent pro bono project was a website and mobile replatforming for a small charity that needed help. This particular project required a lot of nights and weekends, and I was so proud to watch our team lean in, help each other successfully complete, and over-deliver."

What's your favorite thing about working at CapTech?

"What I personally love about CapTech are the people and the work we do. We have this depth of expertise, and we obsess about delivering for clients. That's why we consistently deliver very high-quality work."

What was the biggest surprise last year?

"We're a new office, and the way the CapTech brand promise resonated so quickly in the Columbus market was pleasantly surprising. In most of the conversations where I've introduced CapTech to a company, people have actively followed up to find a way to engage or learn more about us. In a very crowded market with many competitors, people have been looking for us and that's awesome."

What's your favorite CapTech memory?

"It is probably our CapTech Connects. These are events where we get together with people from the marketplace who are interested or affiliated with CapTech. We rent out places like a microbrewery for a couple of hours on a Thursday night and host all these different people to have fun and relax a bit. Those are just a blast."

When you're not at the office, where can we find you?

"I've got two children in high school, and I'm a very active parent with sports."

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