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Blog April 3, 2024

CapTech Employees Launch New Employee Resource Group “Juntos” to Foster Representation and Support

To continue highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, a group of dedicated CapTechers initiated the creation of a new Employee Resource Group (ERG), building a community in which everyone can show up as they are, share backgrounds and experiences, celebrate heritage, and culture, and support personal and professional growth. Aptly named “Juntos” the Spanish word for “together,” CapTech’s seventh ERG was formed to expand representation and awareness and create a community for Latin Americans and allies within CapTech.

As a parent of two first-generation Americans with Mexican roots, Jairo Vazquez, a Fellow in the Systems Integration practice at CapTech, recognizes the lack of Latin American representation in the technology industry and knows the importance of bringing more of the Hispanic community into the field. He understands that if people don’t see themselves represented, it can be a deterrent to entering the space, and for that reason, he was instrumental in standing up CapTech’s newest ERG.

Gaby Olivera, an Interaction Designer in CapTech’s Customer Experience practice area, and Juntos leader, has seen a lack of representation in the design world as well and echoed Jairo’s sentiments that the Latin American community can find success in technology and creative paths, especially here at CapTech. “I've gotten involved in Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) efforts in different ways but being a female minority in this tech and design world, you sometimes feel like you’re “other” and I didn’t realize how much I needed this outlet, this space, and this recognition of my identity and how I bring myself to work,” said Gabby of her experience.

Jairo, Gabby, and the Juntos leaders know that attracting diverse talent requires creating an environment in which individuals see themselves reflected and welcomed. Gabby noted an inspiring anecdote about a recent college hire who eagerly sought her out after attending a "Meet the CapTech ERGs" session. The new hire’s excitement exemplifies the impact of Juntos and its role in providing a welcoming space for individuals to connect, belong, and thrive professionally.

Juntos has already begun laying the groundwork for its initiatives, focusing on internal education, community building, and recruitment efforts. A monthly activity called “Charlemos” is a gathering in which members can practice their Spanish (all proficiency levels are welcome) and come together to broaden their skills. The group hosted a holiday traditions event, and they are continuously partnering with other CapTech ERGs to share commonalities and enhance and support efforts for all CapTechers.