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Blog July 8, 2019

Tableau Conference - Developers on Stage

Demetria Cipriano

Developers On Stage

Having attended the Tableau Conference for the first time, I had no idea that the Developers On Stage Keynote is one of the biggest and most anticipated sessions of the conference. The second you step into the giant, warehouse sized theater, you’re transported to a rock show – and you’re the Rockstar. Lights, music, applause, a live Twitter feed on huge screens, and so much more attribute to the atmosphere that you can’t help but feel grateful to be a part of.

Developers On Stage is a session dedicated to the announcement of new and exciting features of Tableau. The new features are broken down into five topics including – Dashboards, Collaboration, Data, Developers, and Analytics. Each year, five lucky Tableau employees are chosen (out of hundreds that volunteer) to announce and demo the new features to the thousands of people in the audience, and even more people that livestream the event from home. This past year was certainly no letdown as Tableau has rolled out some truly amazing updates to their already fantastic platform.


  • Transparent Visualizations – *FINALLY*
  • Transparent Zones
  • Toggle Zone Visibility – Click to hide and see your zone
  • Vector Map Tiles – More responsive maps
  • Map and Layer Styles – Zoom in to see buildings, pathways, and trails
  • Navigation Buttons – No more workarounds for buttons between sheets
  • Export to PowerPoint – This is huge for presentations!


  • Tableau Public Attribution – Tagging another user for credit
  • Alerting Side Panel – Site drawer alerts user to server, report, and dashboard updates they are subscribed to
  • New Mobile App Updates – Biometric authentication, project navigation, and interactive offline previews
  • Automatic Phone Layouts


  • Multiple Data Extracts
  • Encryption at Rest
  • Connect to Data in the Web – Drag and drop file upload, federated joins using custom SQL, data connection dialog, and new LinkedIn sales navigator starters


  • Extension Gallery Updates
  • Extension API Updates
  • Support for Webhooks – Push notifications


  • Filtered Nested Sorting – Sort along each / both axes
  • Parameter Actions
  • Set Actions - *AMAZING* - the interaction with your dashboard has grown infinitely better with just this new feature; Set Action Drill-Through.

Tableau continues to release new and exciting features every few months and notes of every release can be found in their download and release notes.

2019.2 – Now Available!

Get excited for my next blog – “Gettin’ Vizzy with it” where I talk through how to create some of my favorite visualizations!