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New Coaching Culture driven by Workday streamlines the performance management process, increases employee engagement, and empowers employees to own their careers.


An organization wanted to implement a coaching culture to help ensure that their top talent continued to grow and develop, allowing them to better serve their customers and increase their job satisfaction. This was a mindset shift from evaluating employees once a year to developing employees every day. Antiquated annual reviews captured in multiple tools and systems, and at different timeframes, did not reflect the collaborative and nimble culture of the organization. To address these barriers, the company made the decision to move all Human Resources and Finance systems to Workday.


Employees gained ownership of their career path through greater transparency and individual influence into their own growth and development. Connecting employees directly to one another through feedback increased collaboration, drove creativity, and elevated performance. Individual goals aligned to the organization’s go-to-market strategy, so employees became aware of how their everyday work contributes to company success.

  • Adoption of Coaching Culture. Because of this shift in workforce development, geographically diverse and uniquely skilled employees were transitioned into a cohesive workforce, committed to proactively developing themselves and others.
  • Increased Productivity. With one system and easy access to customized dashboard tools and reports, managers became able to focus on developmental conversations with their employees rather than completing antiquated forms and documents.


On-time completion of annual survey


Employee participation in goal setting


Employee participation in feedback