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Helping clients succeed in a volatile and evolving world

In the face of continuing supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and economic volatility, industrial companies find themselves staring down an evolutionary moment for their business. Throw on top of that data volumes and customer engagement expectations that are increasing by the day, and the challenge can feel quite daunting. Fortunately, transformative technologies are emerging to help companies not only survive but accelerate through this inflection point.

As a trusted partner, we help industrial companies to identify, implement, and optimize technology and data solutions that deliver real ROI. Whether through automation, cloud enablement, advanced analytics, or new customer engagement approaches, we position our clients to run their business more effectively. We focus on pragmaticism over buzz, allowing organizations to improve the cost efficiency of their operations, keep their employees safe, and take advantage of new revenue producing opportunities.

As technologies rapidly evolve, we partner with our clients to navigate changes and leverage new solutions.

Modern Data Architecture

We design and build modern data architectures using scalable cloud technologies that bring together data from disparate sources, and make it available to decision-makers.

Advanced Analytics

We use data and advanced analytics to discover deeper insights, make predictions, and generate recommendations that enable our clients to make smart data-driven decisions.

Cloud Optimization

We help clients derive maximum value from their cloud strategy, using it to enhance security, scalability, and flexibility, while reducing cost and maintenance.

Legacy Technology Modernization

We evaluate legacy technologies and help our clients to define and build modern solutions that better enable their business objectives.

Customer & User Experience

We help clients leverage innovation to meet evolving customer needs and deliver human-focused solutions that have a lasting impact.

Intelligent Automation

We leverage automation tools to streamline business processes and optimize performance so clients can better focus their resources on creating business value.

Client Success Spotlight

Smarter Digital Tools for a Global Business

CapTech collaborated with a Fortune 500 world-leader in manufacturing aluminum beverages to create a new ordering portal to provide customers with a “one-stop shop.” The self-service portal needed to make it easier for new customers to learn to learn about partnering, but also standardize and centralize customer order and account management and automate manual processes to enable better business transparency, process, and delivery of the customers’ products.


  • Designed in-app, micro-learning content, announcements, and reminders to supplement 101 training sessions for 400 customers and 440 associates.
  • Decreased sales’ administrative tasks and supported a shift to strategic account management and revenue targets.
  • 100% of customers were successful in submitting graphics and viewing the approval process, reducing operations’ time in tracking down emails, graphics versioning, and a manual approval process.

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Mark Fitzgerald

Mark Fitzgerald

Principal, Industrial & Resources Portfolio

As a Portfolio Group Lead, Mark partners with Energy, Logistics & Transportation, and Manufacturing & Materials industry clients and CapTech teams to create measurable business value through technology-centered solutions. In non-consulting speak, he makes sure the money clients spend on technology is worth it.

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Michael Monsilovich

Michael Monsilovich

Managing Director

As a Senior Account Executive, Mike serves clients within the Materials, Manufacturing, and Construction industries. Leveraging his understanding of industry-specific challenges and technology-driven solutions, he guides clients to use innovative IT strategies which enable operational efficiency and business growth.

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