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News July 17, 2023

Press Release: Consumer Perspectives on AI

RICHMOND, VA. (July 16, 2023) – Today CapTech announced the results of a national survey of U.S. consumers, intended to understand the prevailing consumer sentiment toward Artificial Intelligence (AI). The results found consumers are optimistic about AI and they expect the businesses they interact with to keep up with this rapidly evolving technology. Our findings suggest that companies should be tailoring their AI offerings to meet consumers' needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consumers Are Ready for AI: The majority of respondents reported having no negative issues with AI. Most are positive about the potential benefits, including helping with daily activities such as online shopping, health monitoring, and automating personal tasks.
  • The More Consumers Use It, the More They Like It: Exposure to AI dramatically accelerates adoption. Our study found a compelling correlation between consumers’ familiarity with AI concepts and their use of AI-powered features or products. Voice assistants and personalized recommendations were among the AI-powered features consumers found most valuable.
  • Improved Communication Can Alleviate Concerns: While 50% of consumers are likely to interact with a brand they know is providing AI as part of its service, respondents are concerned about data privacy and felt companies could do a better job communicating the benefits, risks, and limitations of AI.
  • Companies Need a Plan: More than 40% of respondents found that AI helps them be more effective and makes complex tasks easier. Companies should be considering how they can apply AI technology in ways that meet consumers’ needs in practical ways.

“This survey demonstrates that consumers are excited about brands that are using AI to make their service or products more compelling,” said CapTech CEO Andy Sofish. “AI is clearly making an impact. Leveraging this technology – and being transparent about how and why they are using it – can help businesses remain competitive and drive increasing value for consumers.”

For additional information, read our article here.


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