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Transform Customer Login Experiences with Innovative Passkey Integration

Organizations miss opportunities to convert and enable customers due to the complexities and challenges offered by traditional authentication flows. Furthermore, existing password-based authentication frameworks possess inherent vulnerabilities and are prone to mistakes and phishing attacks that leave organizations and customers exposed. Our team defines and implements a holistic approach to implementing passkeys into a client’s existing back-end and customer-facing applications that lock down vulnerabilities while dramatically improving the authentication experience.

Service Components

Experience Design 

Through UX analysis, prototyping, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), we validate user and business requirements, mitigate launch risks, and mirror real-world expectations.

Web Capabilities

We offer multi-browser support implementation for Apple, Google, and Microsoft, giving all users an easy and secure sign-in option.

Mobile Innovation 

Instantly access websites and applications and guard against phishing, leaks, and device theft, all while enhancing the user experience.

Services & APIs 

Supporting our client’s existing architecture, we offer service and API creation that seamlessly integrates with current authentication methods.

Change Acceleration

We partner on customer support training and scripting along with account recovery support mapping to give clients a fully implemented solution.

Our Insights

We anticipate that the passwordless future is about three to five years away. With passkeys offering users security along with simplified access, here’s a technical deep dive into how passkeys work, how to talk about them within your organization, and considerations before implementation.

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Why CapTech?

We understand that the adoption of passkeys goes far beyond writing code. CapTech’s approach offers the full breadth of capabilities that a shift to passkeys requires, including user experience, design, and technical requirements. We’re an innovative partner who provides fully implemented solutions for complex and specialized tasks without disrupting the rest of the product.


Mark Badger

Mark Badger

Fellow, Customer Experience

Mark is a seasoned experience design leader with over 20 years' experience in interaction and conceptual design, product/brand strategy, user research, and information architecture. He is fascinated by what drives people’s connections with brands and is dedicated to fostering value-infused interactions between them.

Clinton Teegarden

Clinton Teegarden


Clinton is an Architect and the Mobile & Devices Practice Lead at CapTech Consulting. He has been involved with multiple high complexity engagements, where he has lead teams of varying technologies on and off-shore in multiple Agile environments. Clinton is highly active in the developer community delivering both blogs, talks, and open source contributions.

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